‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers & Rumors: Reality Steve Breaks Down The Latest On Clare Crawley’s Wild Season

Clare Crawley attends an ABC event.
Jesse Grant / ABC

Spoiler king Reality Steve took to his blog Tuesday morning to share all the latest tidbits he had pinned down regarding Clare Crawley’s run as The Bachelorette. Rumors have been swirling for the past couple of weeks about some jaw-dropping developments and now the blogger did his best to sort through what seems to be accurate versus what’s not.

A lot has happened during the past couple of weeks of filming, and there are still some significant unknowns. The initial rumors indicated that Clare had immediately fallen head over heels in love with one of her guys and that Tayshia Adams had been brought in to replace her.

There are reports suggesting that Clare and her chosen guy, former football professional Dale Moss, are even already engaged. Supposed insiders also said that the two had been in touch with one another over the past few months and were essentially already in love when the cameras started rolling.

It had also been said that Clare basically put her foot down and refused to continue as The Bachelorette lead. Because she was uncooperative, production supposedly then turned to Tayshia.

In his new blog post, Reality Steve tried to sort through what he believed was true about this complicated situation, as well as what he believed had been inaccurately reported.

“What I’ve been told is that this narrative of Clare being difficult, production not knowing what to do, Clare having a pre-show relationship — are not true whatsoever,” Reality Steve said.

Dale Moss attends the Netflix World Premiere of 'Triple Frontier.'
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The gossip guru said that based on what he had confirmed, Clare and her guy are together. However, it’s not entirely certain that they are already engaged. They supposedly had an intense interest in one another before arriving to film in La Quinta, California, but now it seems they had not had direct contact with one another ahead of time.

“Clare took a liking to him based on his IG feed and stories, liked what she saw, and definitely was the one guy who caught her eye heading into the show, possibly to the point where she had blinders on to the rest of them,” the blogger explained.

He noted that, based on what he’s heard, Dale felt the very same way about Clare. Due to all of that, apparently none of the other guys stood a chance of snagging that Bachelorette final rose. It sounds as if that connection was so obvious and intense that production initiated the idea of switching the focus to Tayshia.

The Bachelorette spoilers from the blogger suggest that there were four rose ceremonies in total before this big shift. It sounds as if Clare may have essentially locked herself in her room and refused to film, as was rumored. However, Reality Steve wrote that his understanding was that she did some variation of this to try to protect Dale, not because she was trying to be a diva.

There are still plenty of unknowns, and it doesn’t appear that ABC is planning on clearing anything up anytime soon. Additional spoilers for The Bachelorette will surely emerge over the next few weeks and people will be quite anxious to see how this all plays out on-screen this fall.