Alexis Ren Displays Her Hourglass Figure In Clinging Dress

Alexis Ren showed off her hourglass figure in a clinging dress for a new Instagram upload. The model and social media influencer shared the sexy photo with her 13.9 million followers, who appreciated the image by liking it 473,321 times. She showed off her ballet roots in the pic, stating she had “lil ballet feet” due to their positioning in the photo.

In the pic, Alexis stood next to a stark white wall atop a slate walkway that featured two steps. The area, which appeared to be outside, displayed a wrought iron light fixture and a dark window covering. A green plant sat atop the steps as the model leaned into the wall. Her right hip jutted out suggestively.

She wore a clinging dress in a light-colored hue. The style featured a thin set of straps that encircled the neckline. The low “V” of the gown fell in between her breasts and the material clung to her shape. On the right side of her waist, a cutout with shirring as a style detail showed off some skin. The garment fell at its bottom to mid-calf length.

She wore her newly-colored blond mane long and loose, tossed casually over to the right side of her head. She debuted the new hue, a change from her normally brown tresses, in an Instagram post on August 6. Her hair was fashioned into soft, beachy waves, falling over her shoulders. On her neck, she sported a delicate necklace featuring a small drop that lay atop her collarbone. On her ears, she wore small earrings.

Alexis’ body glowed head to toe with what appeared to be a golden tan.

The former Sports Illustrated star’s nod to the dance genre in the photo’s caption was a throwback to her roots. She once pursued ballet and was ready to audition to join a professional company, but ultimately chose to become a model instead.

Alexis’ fans took to the comments section of the share to show their appreciation for the stunning pic.

“Oh my God, the hair,” stated one follower of Alexis’ new hue.

“Damnnn are you even real?” questioned a second fan, who also added several emoji, including a smiley face and a heart-eyed face.

“Jessica Rabbit,” said a third fan, comparing Alexis’ shape to that of the iconic animated star of the 1988 film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.

“You are so beautiful. The dress, your body, the hair color…its almost unreal just how fabulous you look,” said a fourth follower on Instagram.