Instagram Model Caroline O’Mahony Flaunts Her Ridiculous Booty In Latest Workout Videos

Caroline O'Mahony posts a gym selfie on Instagram
Caroline O'Mahony / Instagram

Fitness model Caroline O’Mahony flaunted her curvaceous body in a series of workout videos for her latest Instagram update. In the clips, she sported a tight-fitting gym ensemble and performed exercises that accentuated her jaw-dropping backside.

The Irish beauty is well-known for her gym clips, and in this upload, she attacked her lats. She was recorded from behind as she used a machine and barbells. O’Mahony kept her long dark hair tied up in a ponytail, and while she did not offer a view from the front, the popular YouTuber still gave fans plenty of eye candy.

O’Mahony wore a light purple outfit from Alphalete. The top had an exposed back with straps that crisscrossed around her shoulders. She wore matching skintight high-waist leggings that hugged tightly onto her lower body, and a pair of white sneakers to complete the look.

In the first vid, O’Mahony used a cable machine with a rope attached. She was hunched over with her knees bent as she grabbed onto the rope. Her defined muscles were visible as she pulled down on the machine.

The 22-year-old grabbed a barbell with 20 kilogram weights on each side for her next intense exercise. She started in the upright position and slowly squatted down to touch the weight to the ground. With each repetition, fans caught an eyeful of her booty, which was outlined in the leggings.

For the final video, O’Mahony had a barbell between her legs as she lifted one end for a landmine bent over row. Once again the social media influencer’s sculpted legs and derriere were on full display.

In the caption, the O’Mahony mentioned how integral these exercises were to a fit waist. She added a strong emoji along with several hashtags, including “#backday” and #training.”

Many of O’Mahony’s 673,000 Instagram followers took notice of the footage, and nearly 10,000 found their way to the “like” button in just over 12 hours after it was posted. Her replies were littered with strong and fire emoji. Fans complimented her stunning physique, and several said how much they enjoyed back days themselves.

“Woah your back is amazing,” one follower commented.

“Great routine,” another responded while adding several emoji.

“Work it girl!!” a supportive fan replied.

“Love this outfit,” an Instagram user wrote.

As covered by The Inquisitr, recently O’Mahony showcased her figure in a sunny beach photo. She was photographed near the water wearing a pink thong bikini. The angle and outfit gave viewers a glimpse of her muscular legs and backside.