Kaley Cuoco Sweats It Out With Her Sister Bri In Workout Video That Wows Fans

Kaley revealed that it was their final workout before heading to New York.

Kaley Cuoco (L) and Briana Cuoco attend The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Cocktail Reception
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Kaley revealed that it was their final workout before heading to New York.

Kaley Cuoco showed off her athletic prowess in a new video that proved a dedication to fitness runs in her family. In the Instagram update that she shared on Monday, August 10, the former star of The Big Bang Theory revealed that she squeezed in one final workout before jetting off to New York City, and she was joined by her younger sister, Briana “Bri” Cuoco.

Kaley shared a montage of some of the exercises that they performed during their intense sweat session. The sibling stars were joined by personal trainer Ryan Sorensen, who led them through a workout routine that included a lot of cardio and little bulky gym equipment. Kaley was dressed in an all-black ensemble that consisted of a sleeveless black T-shirt, a pair of skintight athletic leggings, and fingerless Nike training gloves. She wore her blond hair pulled up in a high ponytail.

Bri also wore an all-black outfit that included a pair of spandex leggings. However, she coupled her bottoms with a sports bra. Her brunette hair was styled in a topknot.

The two women worked out on an outdoor play court in a recreational center. Kaley was shown stretching against a wall to get warmed up before doing a drill with an agility ladder that required great balance and fast footwork. She looked focused as she masterfully hopped sideways on one foot between the rungs. Next, she and her trainer worked on her coordination by doing a little boxing. She kept her heart rate up by doing a set of side shuffles and peddling hard on a stationary bike. She also skipped rope, performed a few more agility drills, and used a cement stair to do some rapid-fire step-ups. She concluded her workout by doing sprints down a neighborhood street.

Kaley was doubled over by the time she was done, but she still managed to smile at the camera and wave at her viewers.

Kaley’s Instagram followers were impressed with how hard she and Bri worked.

“I love seeing you working hard to keep in shape! Great role model! Killing it!!!” wrote one fan in the comments section of her post.

“I’d love to know how you stay so motivated. You’re seriously goals!” another person gushed.

“You and your sister are amazing. So good you have her to work out with,” read a third remark.

During her latest episode of Cup of Cuoco, Kaley revealed that she’s about to resume filming her HBO Max series, The Flight Attendant. The COVID-19 pandemic forced her to take a long break from working on the show, and she’ll have to quarantine in New York for the next two weeks before she can head back to the set. Luckily, she’ll have her sister and her assistant, Emma, to keep her company.