UFC Fighter Paige VanZant Shows Off Her Curvy Booty In A Thong Bikini For Latest Update

Paige VanZant delighted fans by putting her jaw-dropping curves on display in a new, tantalizing Instagram video. For the clip, she wore a revealing bikini as she showcased her athletic backside while doing some splits mid-air.

The UFC fighter has been enjoying some well-deserved downtime following her recent loss in the octagon and showed off her playful side in this post. VanZant was filmed standing on the edge of a pool on a beautiful sunny day. Rows of palm trees could be seen lining a nearby parking lot.

The former Dancing with the Stars competitor had her long blond hair tied up in a bun and she rocked a small pink swimsuit. VanZant only gave fans a brief glimpse of the front, as the focus was on her thong bottoms that accentuated her curvy booty.


At the start of the vid, the 26-year-old stood on the edge of the pool with her body turned sideways towards the lens. VanZant had her arms raised above her head and gave the camera a giant smile. The person holding the camera was heard telling her to go ahead.

VanZant then turned to face the water and had her back to the lens. The footage switched to slow motion and the flyweight’s fit derrière shook as she tensed her legs to prepare to jump. She bent down and flung her arms out, propelling her body into the air while extending her legs for the splits. The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model held the pose and viewers caught an eyeful of her booty and defined legs.

The clip concluded with VanZant splashing into the water in slow motion and popping her head out at the very end. In the caption, she added a cheeky phrase about her “buns” and included sun, peace sign, and palm tree emoji.

Many of the model’s 2.6 million Instagram followers flocked to the spicy footage. Nearly 33,000 showed their approval by hitting the “like” button in less than an hour. VanZant received almost 500 messages in that short time as well. Fellow UFC fighter Pearl Gonzalez responded with fire emoji and fans flooded the comments section with compliments.

“How do you say ‘Thank you so much for this video’ in every single language known to man?” one follower asked jokingly.

“Hottest in the UFC,” wrote an admirer, while adding two emoji to their words.

“The buns are indeed out,” a third fan responded.

As previously covered by The Inquisitr, VanZant showed off major cleavage in another poolside post last week.