Instagram Golf Model Lucy Robson Flaunts Booty & Cleavage In Skintight Workout Gear For Latest Video

Lucy Robson posts a selfie on Instagram
Lucy Robson / Instagram

Instagram model Lucy Robson treated fans to an eyeful of her fit figure for her latest video update. In the footage, she rocked tight leggings that showcased her backside, and a low-cut top that embellished her cleavage while she performed a fitness routine.

The British stunner is known for her golf snaps, but in this upload, she shared an at-home workout. She was recorded in front of her simulator and golf bag as she did the exercises with a resistance band while facing a wall.

Robson had her long blond hair tied up in a ponytail and left strands of bangs hanging in front of her beautiful face. The 25-year-old sported light purple gym attire. She wore a sports bra that had a deep neckline and helped put her ample assets on display, plus a pair of matching skintight leggings that hugged onto her lower body. The golfer had on a necklace with a small pendant, and white sneakers to complete the ensemble.

In the first clip, Robson was filmed from the side as she leaned her weight back, and pulled her body forward by doing bicep curls on the resistance band. Fans caught a glimpse of her flat midsection with each repetition. For the second exercise, the Cal Poly alum lifted her left knee into the air before lunging back. This routine highlighted her curvy booty.

The model did another type of lunge for the third portion of the video as she crossed her legs behind her frame one at a time. Robson once again lifted her leg up in the fourth part of the routine, but this time she incorporated a jump. She grabbed onto the straps with both hands for the next part of the workout. Robson slowly bent her knees to do a series of squats. The blonde concluded the vid by performing jumping squats.

Robson included details for sets and repetitions in the caption, adding strong and golfing emoji. Many of her 859,000 Instagram followers took notice of the video, and more than 9,500 of them showed their approval by tapping the “like” button. She received nearly 200 comments, as the replies were flooded with heart-eyes emoji. Fans complimented her form and killer physique.

“You hypnotize me with your beauty,” one admirer wrote.

“Well you are so incredibly beautiful I cannot stop watching,” another added.

“Very nice Lucy,” one fan replied.

“Unbelievable body and beauty,” a follower responded.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last week Robson flaunted her curves in a clip where she displayed different stretches aimed at helping golfers.