Corrie Yee Flaunts Long Legs And Killer Booty Wearing Orange Thong Bikini

Instagram model Corrie Yee got pulses racing among her 1 million followers with her most recent post on Monday morning, a sultry snap that left little to the imagination. The image racked up almost 4,000 likes in the first few hours after it was uploaded.

Corrie wore a tiny string bikini in a bright orange color that popped against her bronzed skin and displayed all her curves. Her voluptuous bust swelled beneath the soft triangle cups. The thin straps that tied behind her neck were stretched taut with the alluring weight of her breasts.

The bottom of the suit had a thong cut that bared almost all of her incredible derriere. A strip of fabric rose from between her shapely cheeks and rested across the small of her arched back. The spaghetti straps that reached high over both hips were embellished with what appeared to be a white corded material.

Corrie stood in wet sand next to an enormous rock face. A dark entrance to an enormous cave was visible behind her, arching many feet above her head. She stood on both tiptoes with most of her slight weight on her left leg, which was fully extended, activating her muscles.

She placed her right leg, knee slightly bent, far in front of the other, creating long, slender lines with her limbs.

The photographer shot Corrie from below, and the upward angle of the camera accentuated her slender frame, giving her a statuesque appearance.

Both upper arms were relaxed against her body, and she gently caressed the rough side of the rock with her outstretched fingers.

She turned her head slightly to the right and gazed off-camera with an intense expression. Her huge brown eyes were beautifully defined by long lashes and arched brows. She parted her lips seductively.

Diffused, natural light kissed her high cheekbones and striking features, and her complexion looked flawless. The even swath of daylight also enhanced the subtle curves of her physique, creating a play of light and shadow across her skin.

Corrie's mane of dark hair was parted off-center and styled straight. It was thrown over her left shoulder and spilled down her back, the ends almost grazing the top of her rear end.

Corrie's devoted Instagram followers were quick to express their adoration for the stunning brunette in the comments section. Most of the comments consisted of a series of various emoji indicating affection, such as hearts, flames, heart-eyes, and applause.