‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Wiley’s Custody Is Determined, Brando’s Defensive, & Ned’s Furious

Chad Duell and Erik/Theo Olson film 'General Hospital.'
Nick Agro / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for the week of August 10 tease that Port Charles will be filled with intense confrontations. The sneak peek shared on Monday via Twitter revealed a few tidbits regarding what’s ahead, and viewers will not want to miss a minute of the action.

After months of waiting, General Hospital teasers promise that a formal decision in the custody battle over Wiley finally will be handed down by the judge. The preview shared that the court will grant sole custody of the little boy to either Michael Corinthos or Nelle Benson. That means that one of the two will end up feeling quite upset by the ruling and, as a result, this battle will likely continue in some form.

Last week, viewers watched as Nelle pressured Valentin Cassadine to get her some new falsified documents that she could use in escaping Port Charles with her son. Her escape plan failed last time, but it seems she’s preparing to try again. It seems quite possible that she may attempt this escape whether the judge rules in her favor or not.

The preview also shared that Curtis Ashford and Cyrus Renault will butt heads, while Brando Corbin will feel defensive in the wake of Jason Morgan’s accident.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Brando will insist that he did nothing nefarious to Jason’s motorcycle when he worked on it. Jason’s condition will seemingly remain worrisome, and viewers are curious to see where this storyline heads.

Valentin has been secretly scheming for months now to take over ELQ, and General Hospital teasers indicate that he will be ready to make his next move. The preview video shows him interacting with Ned Quartermaine and this will become explosive.

It appears that Ned will finally find out who has been buying up shares of ELQ. By the looks of things, Valentin will be pretty tickled by Ned’s reaction during this upcoming confrontation.

According to SheKnows Soaps, everybody will see more drama related to Franco, Elizabeth, Nikolas, and Ava over the next few shows too. The end of the week will bring Ava’s big event at Wyndemere, and General Hospital teasers indicate that there’s action with Anna and Finn coming in the days ahead too.

Mike Corbin will tell Sonny Corinthos that he’s ready to go, words that will be heartbreaking to hear. He may not pass away quite yet, but it certainly seems that the tough time will come soon.

Fans are thrilled to have new episodes of General Hospital airing again, and spoilers hint that the coming days will be jam-packed with juicy developments.