Chicago Tribune Roots For Boston Sports After Marathon Bombings

chicago sports

Chicago sports fans are a proud bunch. They don’t typically cheer for rivals like the Boston Celtics or the Boston Red Sox, but. after the tragedy at the marathon last night, the fans of Chicago have decided to put their sporting differences aside to lend support to their Bean Town brothers.

The Chicago Tribune ran an article on the front page today rooting for the sports teams, and the people, of Boston.

The message that accompanies the article reads: “We are Chicago Red Sox, Chicago Celtics, Chicago Bruins, Chicago Patriots, Chicago Revolution.”

The article states that Boston and Chicago are both filled with dedicated sports fans who would, under (almost) no circumstances, root for another team in their division.

Mike Kellams, the Chicago Tribune Associate Sports Managing Editor, said that Chicago fans may have to swallow their pride to root for the Celtics during the post-season but they are definitely rooting for the people of Boston.

The article reads: “The explosions and injuries and death at a world-class sporting event such as the Boston Marathon make us heartsick. As much as it is anathema for a Chicago fan to root for any other town — especially Beantown and all of its championships — here we are. Hang in there, Boston.”

Here’s the image from the Chicago Tribune.

chicago sports

Kellams added: “It’s unconventional, no doubt. But it seems to have struck a chord … Rooting for Boston — a town expecting to win titles in all sports so often — is a little hard to fathom from a sports point of view. But there’s no doubt we’re cheering for Boston to find these guys and make their world safe again.”