Colombian Fitness Model Anllela Sagra Wears Pigtails & Sheer Shorts In Racy New Video

Anllela Sagra takes a selfie.
Anllela Sagra / Instagram

Anllela Sagra posted a smoking hot clip in her latest Instagram update. Clad in the bare minimum, she teased her fans in an outfit that sparked their imagination. The video sparked an immediate frenzy as over 251,000 followers have already viewed it.

A sleeveless vest clung to Anllela’s petite frame and hugged her bust, upper torso, and broad shoulders. Determined to show off her phenomenal midriff, she folded and tucked her shirt in on itself to expose her famous abs. She then put her toned stomach and minuscule waist on display.

Anllela teamed the revealing top with a pair of light pink shorts. The striped, translucent pants had a flower pattern revealing her feminine side. The bottoms cinched at her waist with an elastic waistband. Anllela appeared to be wearing a thong beneath the shorts.

The Colombian model styled her hair in two braided pigtails. She let her long, dark braids tumble down her back and shoulder while wisps of her tresses floated around her face. She also accessorized with some gold bangles.

The social media star stood in front of a full-length mirror while doing her hair. A blooming vine with white flowers was draped around the mirror, which appeared to be indoors. The camera was positioned below eye-level as Anllela looked down at it.

In the video, Anllela was braiding her tresses. She appeared to be chewing some gum as she flirted with the camera, wearing a provocative expression on her face. At one point, she looked over her shoulder, smiled, and scrunched her nose in a cute pose. She then turned her hips from side to side and flaunted her luscious booty.

Soon after sharing her offering, her fans inundated her with likes, comments, and emoji.

“My favorite fitness girl,” one fan enthused.

“I don’t know anyone hotter than you,” another raved.

An Instagrammer listed Anllela’s most endearing qualities.

“The beauty and seductive eyes…wow, so hot!” they gushed, and followed the comment with flame emoji.

“Pigtails are so hot!” a fourth person confidently declared.

Anllela has a staggering fan base of over 11.7 million followers. This particular clip has already garnered close to 60,000 likes and numerous comments where her fans waxed lyrical about her beauty.

The fitness maven recently took to social media and flaunted her flawless physique to the tune of “Popstar” by DJ Khaled ft. Drake. She wore a white top and a flimsy pair of shorts that were rather sheer. She kept her caption simple and left a double heart emoji to show some love.