PSY Is No One-Hit Wonder: ‘Gentleman’ Breaks Justin Bieber Record

PSY's "Gentleman"

Any thought that South Korean pop star PSY would be a one-hit wonder was quickly dismissed after his “Gangnam Style” follow-up “Gentleman” became a record-breaking sensation all its own.

PSY has broken yet another Justin Bieber record on YouTube in just a few short days after releasing “Gentleman.” The “Gangnam Style” star mopped up with 18.9 million views for “Gentleman” Saturday between the 5am release of the video and midnight. This topples Bieber’s first-day record of 8 million views for “Beauty and the Beat.”

YouTube only measures daily usage, so it’s currently unknown how many views “Gentleman” earned in its first 24 hours. “KONY 2012,” a political documentary by Invisible Children, currently holds the record for views in a single day with 30 million.

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” beat Bieber’s “Baby” in overall views late last year after surpassing 1 billion views. That video has been watched more than 1.5 billion times as of Monday, which is double the amount of Bieber’s “Baby,” which has 848 million.

PSY has also recently earned a unique spot in the limelight over the rising tensions between North and South Korea. After calling the division of the two countries a “tragedy,” he expressed hope that people living in North Korea can enjoy his music just as much as anyone living anywhere else in the world.

“Hopefully my `Gangnam Style,’ my `Gentleman,’ my music videos and my choreography … they might enjoy them too,” PSY said.

The success of “Gentleman” came as a surprise to PSY himself, as well. He tweeted Monday:

You can check out the video for PSY’s “Gentleman” below:

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