Plane Reportedly Returns To Logan Airport When Marathoners Grow Concerned About Men Speaking Arabic

Plane Reportedly Returns To Logan Airport When Marathoners Grow Concerned About Men Speaking Arabic

A plane headed to Chicago reportedly returned to Boston’s Logan Airport when nervous marathon runners on-board heard two men on the flight speaking Arabic.

The incident happened Tuesday afternoon, and, though there are few details, Fox 25 has reported that there were two men, not seated next to each other, speaking Arabic. The plane was brought back to the gate, and the men were escorted off the plane, the report said.

There is still much confusion surrounding Monday’s bombing, which took place at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. There were two blasts, one after the other, that took place about 100 yards apart on the final stretch of the race.

The bombs were reportedly pressure cooked and loaded with shrapnel including BBs and small pieces of metal. As the blasts shook through the crowd of spectators, it tore off limbs and shattered glass, leaving three people dead and more than 170 injured.

Boston Police and the FBI say they still do not have a suspect, though speculation has run rampant as to who is responsible. Within hours of the blast, there was a report that police were holding a 20-year-old Saudi Arabian national in custody at the hospital as a suspect. Both the New York Post and Fox News published the report, but the Boston Police Department quickly refuted it.

Law enforcement officials also cleared up reports that there were undetonated explosive devices found, calling the reports untrue. And word that a third explosion took place at JFK Library also turned out to be false.

But police did hint toward attackers of foreign origin — or at least ones copying foreign techniques. The type of bomb used, with air-tight pots normally used for cooking turned into explosive devices, are “a technique commonly taught in Afghan terrorist training camps,” a Department of Homeland Security memo said.

There were no further details on the flight that returned to Logan Airport after the Boston Marathon runners grew nervous nor word on what happened to the men speaking Arabic.