Pamela Anderson Shows Off Her Fantastic Figure In Revealing One-Piece Swimsuit

Pamela Anderson poses on the red carpet.
Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

Pamela Anderson gave her fans quite a show this weekend, flaunting her amazing figure in a revealing, white one-piece swimsuit.

Anderson took to Instagram to share some shots of herself posing in front of a glistening waterway. In the first shot, Pamela leaned forward and clutched a glass barrier, giving a very revealing glimpse of the swimsuit that was open along the side, held together by just two thin straps. Wearing white high-heeled shoes that exposed her long legs, the model looked behind her, striking a seductive pose.

In the second shot of the series, Pamela showed off her long and slender figure in profile. In the caption of the Instagram post, Pamela included an excerpt from the e.e. cummings poem “dive for dreams” that extolled the virtues of trusting your heart and living by love.

Both pictures were a huge hit with fans of the Playboy model, who recently turned 53-year-old. It racked up close to 30,000 likes in just a few hours. The snaps, which were also shared on her Twitter page, also attracted plenty of compliments from her fans.

Some were impressed with her ability to thrive after being in the public spotlight for more than three decades.

“Still just WOW! so happy to know though, after all of these years of knowing how beautiful you are that you are amazingly gorgeous on the inside and also very smart!” one fan commented on Twitter. “Truly warms my heart just knowing that amazing women like you are wandering this great planet.”

Others questioned whether the photo was a throwback or a current one. While Pamela didn’t reveal whether this was from a recent photo shoot or something older, it did seem to match others that she has shared recently displaying her ageless physique.

Others noted that it seems as if Pamela hasn’t aged at all since she burst onto the national scene in the 1990s.

“Damn! You look like you haven’t aged at all,” another person tweeted in reply. “You look exactly the same way when you did your great but short lived show V.I.P. back in the 90s and also Barb Wire which I wish had sequels.”

While she may not have more acting in her future — Pamela has no acting credits since 2018 and no projects on the horizon — she has found a knack for getting attention on social media for her amazing figure and decades-younger looks.

“Whoa. I cannot wait til this chick turns 21,” an impressed fan wrote.