‘Bradford Batman’ Arrested After Alleged Robbery

Do you remember when Harvey Dent said “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain” in the 2008 hit The DarkKnight? Stan Worby, the “Bradford Batman,” learned that firsthand.

Worby achieved international attention earlier this year when he delivered an alleged crook to police in Bradford in the dead of night. He simply showed up with a wanted man, turned him in at the police station, and then went on his merry way – all while dressed as the DC Comics superhero Batman.

Later, it was revealed that the man he turned in was actually his friend, who wanted a friend to accompany him to the station for moral support. Worby thought it would be a hoot and a half to dress as Batman when he dropped his friend off at the station, and the Internet was rightly disappointed after finding out the truth.

Well, prepare for some more disappointment. Worby has now been arrested for allegedly stealing from a garage. For extra irony, the “Bradford Batman” was caught burgling with the very man he turned in to police months ago while dressed as the Dark Knight.

The two were arrested just after 4am on Sunday when their car was stopped by police. They were charged with stealing power tools worth roughly $1,200 from a local garage.

His accomplice, 27-year-old Daniel Frayne, appeared in court Monday, and entered a “not guilty” plea to burglary. He and Worby will appear in court again on April 26.

It is unknown whether Worby, a 39-year-old Chinese takeout delivery driver, was wearing his Batman costume when he was arrested. But probably not.

Speaking of his Bat-antics in February, Worby said: “I’m no superhero. I eat kebabs. I never run anywhere. The furthest I walk is from my house to my car,” continuing, “I’ve never done fancy dress before, it’s not my thing. So for this to happen the first time I dress up, I just can’t believe it.”

When he dropped Frayne off at the police station, he told cops “I deserve a medal, I’m a caped crusader.” One wonders what the “Bradford Batman” thinks he deserves now.