Kelly Gale Stuns In Neon Lime Green Bikini At The Beach

Kelly Gale wears a purple dress.
Presley Ann / Getty Images

Kelly Gale has been sharing plenty of bikini pics from the beach on her Instagram feed, but her newest share from today was different in that she rocked a particularly bright ensemble. She rocked a lime green bikini and showed off her toned figure, and her bare booty was especially hard to miss.

She posed near the water with her back angled toward the camera and her left leg propped out. Kelly placed her hand on her upper thigh and glanced over her shoulder at the camera with a very sultry pout. Moreover, she arched her lower back slightly to emphasize her curves.

Her bright swimsuit popped against her skin, and her tight top had a classic cut with thin straps. Her matching bottoms had a high-rise fit and thick straps. In addition to her derrière, her slender arms and legs were visible.

Kelly wore her hair slicked behind her ears and her wavy locks fell to the middle of her back. She gave credit to hair stylist Martin-Christopher Harper for the look.

The backdrop was out of focus, but it was possible to make out a stretch of beach with the water appearing especially bright and white. The caption revealed that this picture was taken at sunrise, explaining the low light conditions that left Kelly in the shadows. It served to flatter her swimsuit, and her tan looked flawless with her light pink manicure blending into skin tone.

The tag in the post revealed that the snap was taken by fashion photographer Derek Kettela.

The update has been liked over 25,800 times in the past four hours, and the comments section was overflowing with compliments for Kelly from her adoring fans.

“You’re my fave @kellybellyboom,” gushed a devotee.

“Ok, so I just dropped my phone. miss you, kid!” exclaimed a second admirer.

“Sunrise and sunsets are always fantastic, and so are you,” declared a third supporter, taking note of her caption.

“Gorgeous and of course I’m eating cake looking at this,” wrote another follower.

A week ago, Kelly posted another pic from the beach, that time posing on her knees in the shallow water. She rocked a tiny cheetah-print bikini that barely contained her chest as her underboob was left bare. She wore her hair slicked back behind her shoulders, and she parted her lips slightly in a coy manner. Her figure was glowing in the low light conditions, as the sun was either setting or rising when the snap was taken.