Morgan Ketzner Flaunts Taut Belly And Golden Tan In Tiny Striped Bikini

selfie of Morgan Ketzner
Morgan Ketzner / Instagram

Morgan Ketzner thrilled her 494,000 Instagram followers with a sultry photo on Sunday morning. In the post, she posed poolside wearing a revealing bathing suit. The racy post racked up almost 5,000 likes in the first hour after it was uploaded.

Morgan wore an orange-and-white bikini with horizontal stripes made of tiny squares and hearts. The bright colors popped against her tanned, olive complexion.

The top had underwire cups that hugged her pert breasts and displayed an alluring amount of cleavage. The wide straps rested evenly across both slender shoulders and it appeared to clasp in the back.

The matching bikini bottom fit high over both hips, showing off the faint tan lines from a different bathing suit below the straps. One section of the hem encircling her waist was rolled over, revealing a bit of the plain white suit lining underneath.

Morgan posed sitting on a narrow block of cement, perched on the edge of what appears to be a swimming pool. She leaned back languidly and extended both arms behind her, resting her slight weight on her open palms.

The position naturally raised her shoulders, which then created a play of light and shadow across the deep “V” of her delicate collarbones, mirrored by the swell of her breasts below.

Her pose also showed off her toned abs and petite frame. A vertical line of muscular definition ran all the way down her abdomen below her flat, toned stomach.

One knee was bent slightly, giving a tantalizing glimpse of the inside of her thigh.

The angle of the bright, natural light cast deep shadows across her body, highlighting Morgan’s sculpted physique and delicate facial features. Her skin looked flawless, and her high cheekbones and jawline were beautifully accentuated.

She gazed directly ahead with a relaxed expression. Her full, rosy lips were slightly parted.

Her ombré tresses were casually styled and flipped over to one side in a deep part, framing the right side of her face and grazing her decolletage.

The background featured lush foliage and a patch of inviting green grass, as well as a dirt path directly behind where Morgan sat.

Morgan’s devoted Instagram fans were quick to leave their expressions of adoration in the comments section.

“I’m soo jealous, have fun babe,” exclaimed one follower, referring to the caption in which Morgan said she was going on vacation.

“Wow, hottiee,” exclaimed a second fan, adding a sting of flame emoji to emphasize the compliment.