Laurence Bédard Flashes Huge Smile And Spectacular Booty In Skintight Dress

Canadian Instagram model Laurence Bédard took to Instagram Sunday morning with a sweet yet sexy post that thrilled her 2.8 million followers. The tattooed beauty shared an image of herself looking stunning in a summer dress that left little to the imagination. The post racked up almost 20,000 likes in the first hour after it went live.

Laurence wore a black shift with a brightly colored floral pattern that featured roses and lilies printed in various sizes across the lightweight fabric. It had adjustable spaghetti straps and appeared to have a low-cut neckline.

The side of the garment barely contained the alluring weight of her voluptuous breasts. The top of the hem swelled out below her bust, displaying a glimpse of smooth, bare skin.

Most of her upper back was visible, showing off a huge pair of wings tattooed across her shoulder blades.

The dress fit Laurence tightly, hugging all of her alluring curves in the right places. It bunched the tiniest bit around her narrow waist and then stretched across the enviable expanse of her derriere.

She credited the clothing line Fashion Nova in the caption and mentioned a summery mood.

Laurence stood facing the camera with her behind and turned her head to gaze over her slender left shoulder.

Her arm was relaxed alongside her body and she appeared to be holding her phone in her left hand, concealed by the front of her skirt. There was a thin, black bracelet around her wrist.

She flashed a wide, natural smile that lit up her entire face. Her full, rosy lips curved up on either side and showed off her high cheekbones and a tiny dimple. Her golden complexion looked flawless.

Laurence’s trademark chin-length bob was parted off-center and styled straight. The auburn color accentuated her striking light blue-gray eyes, which were defined by long, dark lashes and perfectly groomed brows.

She was posed standing very close to a building constructed with shiny charcoal-colored, seemingly faux wood paneling and a row of small, rectangular windows just above eye level. The windows seemed to be covered from the inside with matching panels that featured an abstract tree print.

The corner of the sidewalk on which she stood was visible in the bottom right corner, as well as what appeared to be the black ceiling of an overhang that blocked Laurence from the outdoor light, some of which was reflected on the wall directly in front of her.