Val Chmerkovskiy Fumbles His Way Through Popular TikTok Dance To 'Savage'

Dancing with the Stars pro Val Chmerkovskiy fumbled his way through a popular TikTok dance normally performed along to the song "Savage," and the results were a little off-beat. In a new clip shared with Instagram, the handsome two-time mirrorball winner -- who has made a career of perfecting, teaching and executing techniques for some of the most difficult ballroom dances -- appeared to have trouble keeping up with a group of youngsters who attempted to show him the movements of the viral sensation made popular on the social media app.

In the post, Val stood alongside four young girls who tried to show him the complicated moves of the quick bop. The song this particular dance is performed to is sung by Meghan Thee Stallion. In this video clip, however, the song was not heard and the group worked on teaching the pro the moves without the tune giving them a backbeat.

Wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans, his dance shoes untied, Val attempted to learn the hand and body movements. He was seen alongside other students. All were wearing masks as they stood together in the room.

Val appeared to be a step behind throughout the session as he attempted to learn the complicated configuration of moves in a dance that's become a trend made popular by teenagers. He tried his best to keep up with the girls who flanked him on either side in what appeared to be a performance classroom.

The room featured slick, light-colored wood floors. In the caption of the update, Val did not state where the video was shot. He did, however, clarify what the group was doing, stating the girls were teaching him how to be a savage.

At the close of his attempt, Val elbow-bumped the girl standing to his left as a show of appreciation.

"A little behind the beat. Lol just joking," quipped one of Val's Instagram followers in the comments section of the share.

"You will make an amazing father one day, this is too cute Val," stated a second fan, noting the professional dancer's ease as he worked with the children.

"Love it, needs a bit of work but go off king," remarked a third social media user, followed by a clapping hand emoji.

"Tie your shoelaces. One of my biggest pet peeves untied shoelaces. Video is cute tho," said a fourth fan of the uploaded clip.