Suzy Cortez Poses Provocatively On The Beach With Bare, Sandy Booty In Sultry Video Clip

selfie of Suzy Cortez
Suzy Cortez / Instagram

Instagram model Suzy Cortez sent pulses racing with her most recent update late Saturday night, thrilling her 2.3 million followers. The provocative video clip racked up over 4,500 views in the first four minutes after it was uploaded.

Suzy flaunted two different outfits during the post and remained scantily clad throughout.

In the first few moments of the video, she was pictured leaning against a slatted fence constructed out of rough, weathered wood. She wore a shiny turquoise string bikini that displayed all of her sensational curves. The halter top featured soft triangular cups and long, black strings that tied in bows behind her neck and slender rib cage.

The shiny, lightweight fabric clung to her voluptuous bust and left little to the imagination. A glimpse of one curvaceous breast was visible spilling out of the side of her suit.

The skimpy bottom was a Brazilian thong design that perfectly displayed her bare booty. The waistband rested around the slimmest part of her slender waist, accentuating the impressive swell of her derriere below. The surface of her skin glistened and appeared to be slick with oil.

Suzy’s long, mahogany tresses were parted off-center and casually styled. Her long hair was swept off both shoulders and cascaded down her back in messy waves, grazing the tops of her rounded cheeks.

She faced her gorgeous behind to the camera with her back arched and gazed seductively over her left shoulder.

The next section of the video featured a quick succession of clips that showed Suzy on the beach wearing a white bikini in a sultry, sexy pose that was sure to grab the viewer’s attention.

The camera panned quickly from her undulating bare backside covered in coarse sand to a stunning shot of her face, ending with a tantalizing close-up shot of her tugging at the double strings of her suit and sliding them down over her smooth, tanned skin.

At one particularly striking part of the post, Suzy ran her open palms across the surface of her incredible derriere, slowly smoothing the sand off her body.

She chose the song “Differently” by artist Marian Hill as the background musical accompaniment.

Suzy’s dedicated Instagram fans were quick to flood the comments section with expressions of adoration in the form of heart, flame, and applause emoji. A number of followers called her “beautiful” and “gorgeous.”

A recent report by The Inquisitr showed Suzy flaunting her insane physique in a gorgeous black monokini that left viewers wanting more.