Kanye West Dragged For Tweet That Revealed He Had Googled Phrase ‘Kim K Flashes Nipple’

Kanye West’s internet search habits went public in a very embarrassing way on Saturday.

The rapper took to Twitter to share an image that included what appeared to be the rapper’s Google search result for the phrase “kim k flashes nipple.” The apparent reference to wife Kim Kardashian led to some mockery and helped the post go viral, even though it was deleted within minutes.

Thanks to the tweet, the phrase “kim k” shot to the top of Twitter trends late on Saturday, with many taking to the platform to mock Kanye.

The tweet came amid growing divorce rumors for the couple, leading to speculation that their apparent estrangement may have inspired the search. There have been reports that Kanye’s sudden entry into the 2020 presidential race and a series of odd statements and appearances had put considerable strain on their relationship. That intensified after Kim took to Twitter to ask for understanding for her husband, noting that he has been open about his struggles with mental illness.

OK Magazine reported that Kim told Kanye that they needed to go on a “make it or break it family vacation” to repair the broken marriage.

“Kim whisked Kanye away because she needed him to be isolated and so she could have control over the situation. Make no mistake, these are crisis talks. If their union is to be saved, it will be as a result of this trip,” a source told the outlet.

The source added that Kim was close to breaking up already, but backed away and is trying to pull their marriage out of the spotlight to repair it.

It’s not clear if Kanye’s viral tweet could hurt the matter, as it drew considerable attention to their apparently strained union and led to some mockery of the rapper. Many commenters noted that the Google result seemed embarrassing and appeared to offer a glimpse into a relationship where they have lost intimacy.

“When Kanye searched up ‘Kim k flashes nipple’ this was all the action he was getting,” one person wrote.

This is not the first time that Kanye has attracted some viral interest for a seemingly strange reaction to his wife accidentally flashing others. As the Mirror reported, he appeared to celebrate an awkward exposure that she had at a 2018 Christmas party in front of friends and other guests. Video of the event showed that Kanye seemed very happy with the embarrassing accident.

“She had a nip slip at the Christmas party. I was waiting for the nip slip and now I’m satisfied,” he later said.