‘Big Brother 22’ Week 1 Spoilers: A Staggering Amount Of Alliances Begin To Form

Keesha, Janelle and Nicole participate on Big Brother Season 22

Season 22 of Big Brother is just three days in, and already the 16 houseguests are scurrying and forming a ridiculous amount of alliances and bonds. As The Inquisitr previously reported, there are many connections between the returning players from former seasons, which is playing a heavy hand in who is working with who this summer. While many of these alliances aren’t considered to be “ride or dies,” they are all confirmed through conversations that have gone down on the live feeds.

Some players, such as Tyler Crispen, have formed multiple final two deals already, while others have agreed to work with too many roommates, which will eventually come back to bite them. The confusing web of alliances has been broken down on Reddit by superfans, but as the time ticks on in the BB house, things only get more confusing.

Below is a list of every houseguest and who they are linked to as of Saturday afternoon. Their closest ally is listed first.

  • Janelle Pierzina – Kaysar, Memphis, Keesha, Nicole A., Enzo
  • Kaysar Ridha – Janelle, Keesha, Ian, Nicole A., Enzo
  • Nicole Franzel – Ian, Cody, Dani, Christmas
  • Nicole Anthony – Ian, Janelle, David, Kaysar, Kevin (no ally stronger than another)
  • David Alexander – Nicole A., Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Tyler (no ally stronger than another)
  • Keesha Smith – Memphis, Janelle, Kaysar
  • Dani Briones – Nicole F., Cody, Da’Vonne
  • Kevin Campbell – Da’Vonne, Nicole A., Ian
  • Memphis Garrett – Keesha, Janelle, Cody
  • Da’Vonne Rogers – Bayleigh, Kevin, Dani
  • Bayleigh Dayton – Da’Vonne, Tyler, David, Christmas
  • Ian Terry – Nicole F., Nicole A., Kaysar, Kevin
  • Enzo Palumbo – Janelle, Kaysar, Cody, Tyler (no ally stronger than another)
  • Cody Calafiore – Nicole F., Dani, Tyler, Enzo, David
  • Tyler Crispen – Bayleigh, Christmas, David, Cody, Enzo (Final 2 discussions with first three houseguests)
  • Christmas Abbott – Tyler, Nicole F., Bayleigh
Tyler Crispen competes on Big Brother Season 22
Tyler Crispen already has three Final 2 deals CBS

While some houseguests think they have a strong bond with one of their roommates, they aren’t aware that this other player has a stronger connection with a different roommate. For instance, Nicole F. is tight with Cody, but she recently created the first-named alliance of the season with Ian. The duo calls themselves “The Millionaires Club.” They are the only two All-Stars who won one of their seasons of the show.

It’s very early on in BB22 and these alliances will shift as the days go by. Lines are drawn in the sand after the first eviction of every season, which is set to go down this coming Thursday. To see who was nominated to be on the block, check out our spoilers here. If one of these nominees wins the Power of Veto competition Saturday night, these loose alliances will come into play to determine who gets put up as a replacement.