Liz Katz Celebrates International Cat Day By Flaunting Curves In Feline Cosplay

Cosplayer and model Liz Katz poses for a selfie.
Liz Katz / Instagram

Cosplay model, noted gamer and self-proclaimed nerd girl Liz Katz has been busy uploading pictures and videos — some sexy, some silly — to her popular Instagram feed as of late. With her update on Saturday, August 8, the 32-year-old — who first gained notoriety by winning IGN‘s Cosplay Battle at WonderCon 2012 — managed to be a little bit of both as she sported some distinctly feline garb and did her best impression of the animal in honor of International Cat Day.

The video update, which included Nerf Herder frontman Parry Gripp’s song “I Love My Kitty Cat” as a backing track, showed a still very pregnant Katz wriggling about and performing catlike movements while wearing a tight, mauve dress that conformed perfectly to her various curves, as well as furry ears and paws befitting a proper feline companion.

As the clip began, Katz was on her hands and knees, and the opening ukulele chords of Gripp’s song played. With a grin on her face, she rubbed her cheek with one paw, then brought a second paw to her chin, before moving both hands up and down in succession. The low-cut upper half of her dress allowed for an ample display of cleavage, while its lower portion perfectly traced the contours of her round belly.

The next cut found Katz on her back, resting on a furry carpet and holding the camera above her as the ukulele strum and opening vocals continued. As she writhed about for the shot, Katz contorted her face in ways that were occasionally seductive but mostly silly as she smiled, then closed her eyes before blowing a playful kiss, reopened her eyes widely, and finally gave a wave with her hand. Throughout the video, a filter provided an extra set of catlike ears, as well as small stars that flashed in and out.

That was followed by footage of Katz on her knees and one hand as she wiggled from side to side. As she did so, she stuck her tongue out, bit down on it, and then scrunched her face playfully as she rubbed the side of her cheek with a paw and the ukulele gave way to an electric guitar. At that juncture, the video reached its loop point.

Katz’s post generated a significant response from a sizable contingent of her 1.3 million followers on Instagram, receiving more than 30,000 views in under an hour after having been uploaded to her feed. Meanwhile, her fans filled the comments thread with words off affirmation for her feline cosplay.

“Quit being adorable you…you…you adorable cat you,” wrote one fan.

“Meow liz meow,” commented another devotee, who added a series of heart emoji for emphasis.

“You are hot AF pregnant,” exclaimed a third user.

“Looking amazing as always,” stated another admirer.

As shared by The Inquisitr earlier this month, Katz previously stunned fans in sexy, Game of Thrones-inspired cosplay.