Bruna Rangel Lima Sizzles Wearing Orange Bikini In Latest Instagram Update

Bruna Rangel Lima takes a selfie
Bruna Rangel Lima / Instagram

Bruna Rangel Lima looked stunning in her most recent Instagram post in which she and a friend soaked up some rays on an outside patio. The prolific social media model thrilled her 4 million followers with the sexy snap, which received almost 42,000 likes in the first few hours after it went live.

Bruna wore a tiny string bikini that left little to the imagination. The bright orange color popped against the neutral background and her golden tan.

Bruna faced the camera with her behind, so only a glimpse of the top of the suit was visible. Two longs sets of strings were tied in bows behind her neck and around her rib cage, and a small triangle of lightweight fabric could be seen, stretched taut against the weight of one of her rounded breasts.

The bikini bottom featured a tiny strip of orange material that rose up from between Bruna’s cheeks and rested across the small of her back. The section was attached to two straps that lay above her curvaceous hips at the narrowest part of her slender waist.

Bruna posed standing on her tiptoes with her left foot in front of the other, several inches apart. This position allowed the blond bombshell to activate the impressive muscles in her thighs and calves and to draw attention to the swell of her voluptuous rear end.

She gazed seductively at the camera over her shoulder with her lips parted slightly.

She extended her right arm to her side with her palm open and rested her fingers against the low concrete wall next to her for extra balance. In the other hand, she held a copper watering can with a vintage design, the spout pointed out and away from her body.

Bruna stood in what appeared to be the corner of a small enclosed patio area. A modest row of green bushes lined the space directly in front of her. Behind the foliage, there was a low wall on her right that transitioned into concrete steps on her left.

A gorgeous blonde was seen reclining on the steps in front of Bruna. She wore only a crisp white towel wrapped around the top of her breasts. She leaned back and rested on both elbows, with her arms splayed to either side. One of her long, lean legs was crossed over the other, toes pointed, and she tilted her face toward the sunshine.