Sara Underwood Stretches Out In Leggings & A Yellow Top

Sara Underwood arrives at the 36th AFI Life Achievement Award tribute to Warren Beatty.
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Former Playboy Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood tantalized her 9 million Instagram followers with her most recent share, a stunning snap in which she rocked tight leggings and a revealing yellow top. She stretched out on what looked like a rock or cliff, with a breathtaking view of a mountain range in the background. The sky was a gorgeous shade of blue, and the sun was shining down on Sara’s curves.

She posed with her elbows on the rock behind her, her flawless face turned up to the sun. She rocked a deep yellow top with a low-cut neckline that revealed a hint of her bust, although her pose hid most of it. Her toned arms were exposed, and the top also showed off a sliver of her flat stomach.

She paired the colorful shirt with simple yet sexy black leggings that clung to her curves. The pants were so tight they almost looked painted on, and they showed off her curvaceous thighs and calves.

She finished off her sporty ensemble with a pair of olive green hiking boots with thin red laces, white socks that were visible over the tops of her ankle boots, and a red-and-black plaid shirt tied around her waist. Her hair was styled in two braids, and she added a hat with a floppy brim to protect her skin from the sun.

Sara followed up the sizzling snap with a picture of her adorable dog, Homer, who she mentioned in the caption had accompanied her on the hike. Homer rocked a red and black harness and had a big smile on his face as he panted, perched on a dirt trail surrounded by flowers and lush greenery.

Sara also mentioned in the caption of the post that the photos were taken by her partner, Jacob Witzling. Her fans absolutely loved the sweet update, and the post received over 21,200 likes within three hours. It also racked up 111 comments from her eager audience.

“Even sexy in the mountains,” one follower commented.

“That is a happy, hiking pup,” another user added.

“This is the kind of content I can get behind,” a third devotee wrote.

“Those boots are dope!” another commenter remarked, loving Sara’s choice of hiking footwear.

Yesterday, as The Inquisitr reported, Sara tantalized her fans by sharing a smoking-hot snap in which she wore high-waisted pink bottoms and a scandalously revealing white shirt that barely covered anything at all. She flashed a serious amount of underboob in the sexy look and paired it with an orange scarf around her head.