Darth Vader ‘Choke Victim’ Richard LeParmentier Dies

Richard LeParmentier passes away at 66

Richard LaParmentier, the actor who was force-choked by Darth Vader in the original Star Wars franchise, has passed away at 66-years-old.

While LaParmentier appeared in more than 50 films and TV shows during his long Hollywood career, it was his turn as Admiral Motti, commander of the Death Star, that brought him the most attention.

Motti was one of the few dark side minions to question Vader, mocking his “sorcerer ways” and “sad devotion to that ancient Jedi religion.”

Questioning his allegiance to the dark side, Vader crushes Motti’s windpipe to display his true power over his followers.

When not acting in such hits as Who Framed Roger Rabbit, LaParmentier could be found screenwriting for British TV where he worked as a steady scribe.

Before his untimely death, LaParmentier was hard at work on a new comedy-drama series for the BBC. He was also working on a script for a new feature film.

Among some of his other credits over the years are Superman II, Capital City, and The Berline Conspiracy. It was on the set of Superman II that LaParmentier met and eventually married British actress Sarah Douglas. Sarah played Ursa in the Superman movie.

At this time. the circumstances surrounding Richard LeParementier’s death have not been revealed.

Our thoughts go out to Richard’s family in their time of loss.