Brooke Burke, 48, Stuns In Skimpy Silk Pajamas For Workout In Bed

Brooke described her exercise routine as the 'lazy girl' workout.

Brooke Burke attends the 2018 World of Children Hero Awards Benefit
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Brooke described her exercise routine as the 'lazy girl' workout.

Fitness enthusiast Brooke Burke demonstrated how to do a morning workout without getting out of bed in her latest Instagram update. The 48-year-old TV personality shared a TikTok video of herself performing a variety of exercises in her skimpy sleepwear.

Brooke, 48, was still snuggled up underneath her white duvet when the video began. She looked radiant and refreshed as she yawned and stretched her arms over her head. The former Dancing with the Stars host also flashed a big smile at the camera before beginning her workout.

In the next shot, she was lying on her side on top of the covers. She was clad in a silk pajama set that included a loose-fitting white top with red spaghetti straps. The front of the garment featured a playful print of large red lips. Her bottoms were a pair of tiny silk sleep shorts. Their base color was pale pink, and they were decorated with a pattern of small red spots. The back panel of Brooke’s top was crafted out of the same patterned silk. She accessorized her flirty ensemble with a few gold bangle bracelets.

The first exercise Brooke performed was a set of leg lifts. She raised her right leg high up in the air to show off its slender, toned shape. She then created an arc in the air by lowering the limb so that it was pointing straight out in front of her. She reversed the action and briefly touched her legs together before repeating the move.

Her next move was a basic bicycle crunch. She worked her core by stretching her legs out and bringing each knee up to meet the opposite elbow. This exercise was followed by a few “pillow crunches.” Brooke got on her knees with her legs spread apart and she held a fluffy white pillow behind her head. She then bent at the waist so that she brought the pillow all the way down to the bed.

Up next was the bridge. Brooke worked her glutes by lying on her back, bending her knees, and thrusting her hips all the way up. This was followed by the “dream runner.” While in the plank position, Brooke rapidly brought one knee forward at a time. She completed her workout with a set of booty lifts. She got down on her knees and placed her elbows and forearms on the bed. She then straightened one leg and lifted it up and down.

Brooke’s Instagram followers seemed to enjoy her “lazy girl work out.”

“Well that’s a hot warm up!!!” read one response to her video.

“I am awake and paying attention,” another admirer remarked.

“Outstanding & beautiful,” read a third message.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Brooke recently showed off the results of all her hard work by modeling a skimpy bandeau bikini.