Ana Cheri Posts Steamy Snap While Nearly Naked In The Shower

Instagram model Ana Cheri got pulses racing with her most recent Instagram post on Saturday morning. She thrilled her 12.5 million followers with a sizzling snap of herself in the shower, baring her famous booty to the camera. The racy post garnered just under 100,000 likes in the first hour after it was uploaded.

Ana posed in an elegant shower with black metal fixtures and luxurious marble tile the color of caramel.

She faced her amazing behind at the camera and turned her head to gaze over her right shoulder. Both elbows were bent behind her stunning figure, and she covered the front of her perfectly round breasts with her hands. The pale, smooth swell of her right breast was visible spilling out from underneath her fingers.

She arched her back and stood with her legs wide apart.

Ana’s incredible physique was drenched in what appeared to be bright, natural light from a window behind her. It highlighted all the tiny, glimmering droplets of water that sprinkled across her curves and her smooth, tanned skin.

Ana looked stunning in a crisp white high-waisted thong. It featured a small triangle of fabric that rose up from between the tantalizing cleavage of her derriere and rested on the small of her back. The straps rested high over the slimmest part of her slender waist, accentuating her incredible hourglass shape.

She also wore sparkling, seductively placed gold jewelry that drew attention to all the right spots. A long garter chain with rounded links was fastened around her waist, and the smaller chain from the clasp trailed all the way down her lower back, the end resting perfectly between her ample cheeks.

Two matching chains encircled her voluptuous thighs. They dipped in the back slightly, indicating that the decorative garters were attached by a vertical chain in the front to the visible piece around Ana’s torso.

She also wore a cuff around her upper right arm featuring an organic, curved design.

Ana’s dark hair was pulled off her neck and pinned up at the crown of her head, with the exception of a few curly tendrils that spilled out and framed her face and grazed the slender nape of her neck.

Her huge brown eyes were beautifully defined by long, thick lashes and arched brows. She pulled her full lips into a tempting pout as she gazed at the camera with a sultry expression.

Ana showed fans her adorably excited side late Friday night, when The Inquisitr covered a video of her picking up a new Lamborghini Urus from the dealership.