Lindsey Vonn Tries To Hit Golf Ball Out Of Her Sister’s Mouth

Lindsey Vonn apologized to her sibling after attempting the stunt.

Lindsey Vonn and Karin Kildow attend the Universal Pictures' "Jurassic World" premiere
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Lindsey Vonn apologized to her sibling after attempting the stunt.

Lindsey Vonn made her latest trek to the golf course a little more intense by attempting a daring stunt with the help of her sister, Karin Kildow. On Saturday, the professional skier took to Instagram to share the results of their trick. Her video revealed that Karin was the sibling who took the bigger risk. She put her mouth and nose on the line by lying down on the fairway and allowing Lindsey to attempt to hit a golf ball out of her mouth.

Lindsey was dressed like a pro golfer in a pink sleeveless polo shirt and khaki shorts with a hemline that hit mid-thigh. She wore her formfitting shirt tucked into the shorts, which revealed that she was also rocking a dark brown belt. On her feet, she wore a pair of pink-and-white golfing shoes.

She completed her casual look with a khaki-colored baseball cap. Her long blond hair was styled in a sleek ponytail that had been pulled through the opening above the hat’s back strap.

Lindsey’s sister was wearing a sporty all-white ensemble that included a shirt tucked into a pair of athletic shorts. She was on her back on the close-cropped grass, and she had a tee in her mouth. It was topped with a golf ball.

Lindsey stood a few feet back behind her head. Her legs were slightly spread and her knees were bent. She was holding her club out in front of her, and she looked like she was concentrating hard as she raised the driver up and swung it down. However, the ball went backward rather than forward. She barely nicked it, and it bounced off of her sibling’s nose before landing on the grass beside her face.

“Lindsey! That was really close,” Karin said with the tee still clenched between her teeth.

Lindsey responded by laughing hysterically as she stood with the club over her shoulder. She did apologize to her sister in the caption of her Instagram post. The Olympian also described herself as “a risk taker.”

A few of the athlete’s followers responded to her post by letting her know that it had them on the edge of their seats. Her laugh was also a big hit.

“My palms immediately broke out into a sweat,” wrote former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson.

“Baha ha ha. The best part about it was your mischievous laugh afterwards LOL,” another commenter wrote.

However, others warned Lindsey that what she did was dangerous.

“That’s not risk taking…. that’s stupid and potentially fatal,” read one remark.

“Great idea. Like the medical professionals aren’t busy enough, to take in unnecessary injuries,” another critic said.

Last week, Lindsey shared another video that showed her demonstrating her drive. She revealed that it was filmed during her first time hitting the links in five years.