Susan Lucci Appears Ageless As She Shows Off Her Bare Shoulders In Strapless White Robe: 'Before The Glam'

Susan Lucci appeared ageless in a new Instagram share in which the soap opera legend showed off her shoulders in a strapless, white robe. The stunning, 73-year-old television icon wrote in her caption that she was getting ready for glam as she prepared for a photoshoot at the Long Island home she shares with her husband of 49 years, Helmut Huber.

In the photo, Susan leaned on a gorgeous black piano that was covered in family photos which captured special moments. Seen in the images were the couple's two children, Liza and Andreas as well as their grandchildren, family members, and friends. Her left elbow rested on the instrument as she cradled her chin in her hand. Her right hand rested next to her left elbow.

Susan wore her brown hair long and loose. Bangs brushed her eyebrows and fell to the sides of her face, highlighting her stunning cheekbones. The remainder of her tresses fell over her shoulders. Susan appeared to be almost camera-ready, minus her outfit choice.

The actress added a breathtaking pair of oversized, peach-colored earrings that had a gold center. On the middle finger of her right hand, Susan wore a gold band with a twisted design. A lovely bracelet that was made of connecting stones surrounded by a gold-tone accent encircled her wrist.

Susan stood in front of a set of large windows with white panes. Through the glass a gorgeous outdoor area with lush green foliage was visible, providing a beautiful backdrop. The windows did not appear to have a covering of any sort, which allowed natural light to flood the room.

Longtime fans of the actress loved the simple image of their favorite performer.

"My idol since I was a teen and you are still as beautiful as I remember you in All My Children. I never had the pleasure to meet you I hope to someday, you seem to be such a lovely woman," said one longtime fan and follower of Susan's.

"Susan! You need to learn to accompany yourself on that gorgeous Steinway! You have such a beautiful voice," stated a second fan, who went on to say how much they loved to hear the actress sing during her tours with the late Regis Philbin, who was a longtime family friend.

"I love how you draped your robe to look like a cute dress," said a third Instagram user of Susan's unique style.