Ariel Winter Glows In A Pink Bikini During A Night Swim & Cuddles With Her Dogs

Ariel Winter attends the ABC Walt Disney Television Upfront
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Late on Friday night, Ariel Winter shared a few new pics with her 4.4 million Instagram followers of a late-night swim. She wore a pink bikini while relaxing in a swimming pool and shared several images of her cuddling with her dogs, as well.

She said she went from “swimming to a surprise meet and greet” with what appeared to be her latest furry friend, Chewbacca.

Ariel added several hashtags like “mybaby” and “rescuedog” to her post, indicating that the animal had found his new forever home.

In the first few snapshots, the Modern Family star took a selfie while submerged in the water. Her low-cut swimsuit gave her admirers an impressive view of her plunging cleavage. She also tied her blond hair up and left her bangs loose to frame her face.

It looked like Ariel was rocking a natural look. The 22-year-old changed up her pose a little for the second image, dropping her shoulder and smiling softly at the camera. It did not seem like anyone else was in the pool with her as the only thing in the background was a row of green bushes.

The third photograph showed Ariel out of the pool and inside her home as she wore a gray hoodie and hugged the black pup close to her side. She tagged American Humane and Wolf Entertainment in the pictures of Chewbacca.

The fourth image was an adorable close-up of the pup, seemingly enjoying all the attention as he relaxed on some blankets. In her caption, Ariel said that this pic was her favorite of the bunch.

In the fifth upload, someone’s hands were filmed rubbing his belly, and the final two snaps showed the dog getting used to his new home. In one snap, he sat near one of Ariel’s other pets, a white Samoyed named Casper.

It did not take long for Ariel’s latest Instagram update to garner tons of attention from her friends and fans. It accumulated more than 280,700 likes and over 1,200 comments within 10 hours of going live.

“Don’t know whose cuter, you or the dogs although I’d say you by a whisker (pun intended),” wrote one fan.

“Your dog reminds me of mine when I was a little kid. Wish I could post a picture. They look like twins,” said another.

“That doggo/wookie be like: yoo, I got to take a selfie with Ariel! Best. Day. Ever,” joked a third admirer.

“Wait your dog’s name is Chewbacca? Lmao that’s amazing,” chimed in a fourth person alongside two laughing emoji.