Avital Cohen Shows Off Insane Body In A Flirty Strapless Bikini

Israeli fitness model Avital Cohen stunned fans with a curve-flaunting beachside video shared to her wildly popular Instagram page on Friday. The 24-year-old showed off her insane body in a flirty red bikini that displayed all of her assets, treating followers to an eyeful of cleavage, tight abs, and killer curves.

The clip was a promotional post for Bang Energy, and featured the model chilling in a comfy gazebo, one overlooking a tropical beach. The video started off with a shot of Avital sitting on a sofa, which was decorated with a nautical blue-and-white print that made her swimsuit truly pop.

She was lounging on her hip, teasing fans as she adjusted her outfit and seemingly tugged on her bottoms. The stunner then sat up and grabbed a can of sugar-free energy drink off the table in front of her, chugging down the refreshing contents.

The sizzling brunette put on a provocative display as she arched her back and brought the can to her lips, sipping elegantly. The detail didn't fail to capture fans' attention, who commented on the seductive gesture.

"You're so smooth drinking bang! Sipping it like wine! Haha @avital," read one of the many gushing messages that immediately piled up on her post.

Avital's beach-babe look consisted of a strapless two-piece bikini crafted out of a unique, glittery fabric that clung to her curves, while also appearing light and unconstraining. The bathing suit included a bandeau top that cinched in the front, which sat low on her chest exposing her cleavage.

On her lower half, she wore high-cut bottoms that flaunted her buns in addition to baring her hips and thighs. The high-rise waistline accentuated her lean, fit figure, while also putting her washboard abs on show.

Both pieces were adorned with large bows in the front, which added chic sophistication to the otherwise racy number. Avital topped off her look with a white bow in her hair, wearing her long tresses down and parted in the center. She further accessorized with a pale-blue stiletto manicure, and rocked a bold red lipstick that matched her outfit.

The bombshell showed off the eye-catching swimwear from multiple angles, offering her audience a front-to-back view of her attire. At one point, she stepped out on the deck to admire the sparkling sea, showing off her trim midriff and perky posterior as she turned her side to the camera.

She leaned one elbow on the wooden rails and ran her fingers through her hair, once again adjusting the cheeky swimsuit. The angle offered a peek up her skimpy top, flashing a tantalizing glimpse of underboob.

Avital appeared to be having a blast, remarking on the fun-filled atmosphere in her caption. The model endorsed the new Frose Rose drink with a hashtag and a rose emoji, tagging Bang Energy for even more exposure.

Followers seemed to love the video, which amassed more than 276,200 views overnight. Admirers also left 378 comments under the scorching clip, complimenting Avital's beauty and fierce physique.

"Clearly looking gorgeous as ever," wrote one person, building on her own phrasing from the caption.

"Wow OMG you are a Beautiful Ray of sunshine," gushed another fan, leaving a pair of sunshine emoji followed by two hearts.

"Wow another absolutely stunning video as always [two heart-eyes emoji] You looked so so gorgeous throughout in that amazing red outfit and I absolutely loved watching it," penned a third Instagrammer. "Have a wonderful day," they added, tagging the model.