Bella Thorne Shows Off Incredible Bod In A Bikini Using A Swing At The Beach

Bella Thorne wears a white dress.
Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Bella Thorne took to her Instagram page today to share a sexy new video, and she revealed that she took it by placing her phone on a swing. She rocked a skimpy printed bikini for the occasion and offered a good look at her incredible figure.

At the beginning of the update, Bella smiled and struck a quick pose standing up before walking toward the camera. She swung her hips from side to side and, eventually, the frame was cropped from her shoulders down to her thighs, putting all of the emphasis on her physique.

Her bikini top allowed her to showcase her cleavage and her matching bottoms had a low-waisted fit. Her toned abs and slender legs were hard to miss.

Toward the end of the video, she was seen playing with her hair before she leaned into the camera, offering an even closer look at her figure.

The swing’s movements added an interesting element to the clip and arguably made for an eye-catching video thanks to the close-ups that Bella gave her followers.

Bella wore her hair down in a casual side part, and she accessorized with a necklace that peeked through in the shot.

She was on a sandy beach with the water rolling in behind her, and there was a small rock formation. The skies were mostly blue, except for the horizon, where the clouds added a purplish hue.

Because it looked like the sun was setting when the clip was shot, Bella was mostly left in the shadows.

The clip was geotagged at the Auberge Resorts Collection in Esperanza, and it’s garnering lots of attention. It’s only been available for 13 minutes but has been watched over 154,500 times already.

The comments section was also packed with compliments from Bella’s adoring followers.

“You are always stunning,” declared a devotee.

“Ok but can my body look like this,” joked a second social media user.

“I LOVE U SO MUCH BB,” raved a third admirer.

“Alexa play god is a woman by ariana grande,” wrote another supporter.

Bella also offered another photo series on July 26, that time a five-part set. The first image appeared to be a selfie as she gave a pout with her lips slightly parted. She gazed directly at the camera and exuded flirty vibes, and her hair was worn down loosely around her shoulders. She wore several necklaces, one with a heart charm with a photo and another that was made of pearls.