‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Trouble For Franco & Liz Could Be Ahead

Roger Howarth and Rebecca Herbst
Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Franco and Liz, also known as Friz, are a General Hospital fan-favorite couple, but another twosome seems to be out to ruin things for them. Nikolas and Ava Cassadine are playing on their friends’ emotions, which may just take a turn for the worst.

Liz has known Nik for a very long time. She was married to his brother Lucky and at one point had an affair with the Cassadine prince. Ava and Franco also were involved in the past and are now good friends. Now the couple’s so-called friends are out to achieve what they want at the expense of the lovebirds. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central says that by the end of next week, they will not see eye-to-eye on some things that most likely involve Nik and Ava.

More spoilers suggest that Franco will once again be comforting Ava, and that certainly won’t go over well with his wife. She doesn’t trust the new Mrs. Cassadine and will most likely let him know exactly how she feels. However, not all is lost for Liz and Franco. It sounds like they may have their eyes opened soon.

Despite their buddies trying to inadvertently break them up, Friz is still pretty strong and General Hospital fans are counting on them to stay that way for the long haul. The spoilers sound like they will catch on to what the other couple is doing and will possibly turn the tables on them.

Maura West
  Craig Sjodin / ABC Press

Franco and Liz have both been through a lot. It doesn’t seem like Nik and his wife would be the ones to tear them apart after all that they have done to get married and be a family with Liz’s three boys. They haven’t been shown much at all lately, but they are still about to get tangled in the web with the Cassadines.

In the meantime, Nik’s wife will be meeting the new Mrs. Jerome on Monday. Nelle married her brother Julian and she wants to know the scoop on what she is blackmailing him with. She is anxious to hear all about it.

General Hospital just started airing new episodes this past week and the drama began right away. Filming had come to a screeching halt a few weeks ago and reruns began airing in May. Now, fans are thrilled that their favorite soap has returned — and brought a twist in the first few minutes by bringing Dante back.