TikTok Sensation Addison Rae Easterling Stuns In New Instagram Series

TikTok sensation Addison Rae Easterling took to Instagram on Thursday, August 6, to share three snapshots from her week. The photos captured various happy moments and different poses.

The first sizzling snapshot showed Easterling posing in a bright blue bikini while standing in the mirror. The bathing suit featured a traditional triangular top and skimpy bottoms and allowed Easterling to show off her curves and impressive physique. She held her phone in one hand to snap the photo, blocking her face. The 19-year-old appeared to be standing in her family's luxurious Los Angeles mansion, where a pool was visible through the window.

The second photo was taken at an outdoor restaurant. Easterling sat at a table with plates and half-eaten food before her. She kept it casual while rocking a blue sweatsuit. The teenage star laughed while lifting one leg up in the air playfully.

The third and final snapshot included in the post was an up-close selfie. The social media star showed off a fresh new manicure featuring bright red acrylic nails. Easterling wore her long, dark hair down in waves and rested one hand on the side of her face as she posed for the photo. She maintained a rather serious expression as she stared intently at her phone.

Easterling's post accumulated over 4.7 million likes from her 25 million Instagram followers in less than 24 hours. Her fans took to the comments section of this particular post to gush over her stunning features. Others tried desperately to get her attention by earning a comment or reply from her.

"You're such a queen and a great role model! So excited to watch you continue to blow up!" gushed one fan.

"Drop dead gorgeous! I can't imagine looking like you!" remarked another fan of Easterling's.

"Way to take over TikTok, make that money," one more fan wrote.

Easterling is indeed bringing in some major revenue due to her TikTok fame. In fact, it was recently revealed by Forbes that she is the highest-paid creator on the entire platform. In just one year, the teen made over $5 million through TikTok, as The Inquisitr previously reported. Because she had such a large following, she was able to land massive brand deals for big-name companies. Prior to her rise to stardom, she was living a relatively normal life attending college at Louisiana State University where she was studying broadcast journalism. She started a TikTok for fun in her spare time and the account ultimately blew up.