America’s Progressive Promise, Super PAC Run By Bernie Sanders Allies, Puts Weight Behind Joe Biden

Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden speak during a break during the Democratic presidential primary debate in Las Vegas.
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A Super PAC run by allies of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is gearing up to launch its first advertisement campaign boosting presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, The Hill reported on Friday.

Formed in April by top aides to Sanders’ 2020 campaign, America’s Progressive Promise PAC is set to release an ad highlighting the former White House hopeful’s endorsement of Biden.

The 30-second video clip features Sanders’ suggestion that Biden would be “the most progressive president since” Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

“Every person who voted for me and for the other candidates understands Donald Trump is the most dangerous president in the history of our country, and that it is absolutely imperative that we come together to defeat him — and defeat him badly,” the Vermont independent can be heard saying in the ad.

It remains unclear how much the group plans to spend on promoting the clip, but it is expected to run nationally during the Democratic National Convention.

According to the group’s founder Jeff Weaver — who managed Sanders’ 2016 White House bid and worked for him in the 2020 presidential primaries — Biden needs left-leaning voters to beat President Donald Trump.

“The importance of the Democratic primary coalition that supported Senator Sanders cannot be overstated in the general election and it is critical that we reach out to them,” he said.

Weaver noted that there are significant differences between the two men, but pointed out that the Sanders has been urging his supporters to back Biden.

“Those of us in the progressive movement will continue to push for transformative change after the election, but there won’t be any progress if Trump is re-elected.”

Weaver’s PAC will join efforts with Nuestro, a group founded by Chuck Rocha, who also served as an adviser to the Vermont senator. Rocha’s organization is focused on turning out the Latino, youth and left wing vote in November.

Other similar groups have sprung up following Sanders’ decision to drop out of the presidential race. Also run by Sanders supporters, launched its first #VoteTrumpOut campaign earlier this week, urging left-leaning voters to cast their ballot for Biden.

As The Hill noted, polling suggests that the vast majority of those who backed the independent Vermonter in the primaries now support Biden.

Former Vice President Joe Biden delivers a speech at the William Hicks Anderson Community Center in Wilmington, Delaware.
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For instance, a New York Times/ Sienna College poll released in July revealed that 87 percent of Sanders supporters said that they plan on voting for Biden in November.

Sanders has previously said that he is “confident” his backers will turn out for Biden.