Laura Amy Flaunts Curvaceous Booty In Backless Butterfly Mini Dress

Australian model Laura Amy took to Instagram on Friday afternoon, wowing her 861,000 followers with a sexy snap baring her gorgeous backside to the camera. The sizzling post racked up almost 3,000 likes in the first hour after it went live.

Laura wore a sweet little backless mini dress that hugged all of her curves and left little to the imagination. The stretchy lightweight fabric formed perfectly to the roundness of her breasts and clung to her shapely hips and ample rear end.

The sleeveless shift tied in a bow at the back of her long, slender neck and displayed the smooth skin of her arched back. The bottom section of the dress left her back bare with its deep V-cut, which extended below her narrow waist, barely concealing the upper cleavage of her booty.

An off-white base was the perfect background for the outfit’s whimsical, multicolored butterfly print. The pale colors accentuated Laura’s golden, tanned complexion and stunning light eyes. She tagged the clothing line Fashion Nova in the caption.

Laura posed standing at the end of a white couch with her shoulders back and her derriere prominently displayed. Her right arm was relaxed alongside her body, and part of a black and gray tattoo was visible on the outside of her forearm. She gazed at the camera seductively over her right shoulder.

Her long, black hair was parted in the center and appeared to have been ironed straight. It was pulled off her face and neck and secured behind her head with some type of clip. Face-framing blond pieces in the front were stylishly tugged out of the rest of the up-do and grazed the sides of her high cheekbones.

Laura was bathed in a gorgeous, natural light that beautifully highlighted her bone structure. Her skin appeared smooth and flawless, while her striking ice blue eyes were defined by long, full lashes and perfectly groomed brows. Her remarkably full, rosy lips were shiny and pouted together.

Laura’s dedicated Instagram fans were eager to express their adoration for her gorgeous appearance in the comments section of the post.

“I’m obsessed with you,” declared one particularly devoted fan, following their statement with a wide-eye emoji and a butterfly symbol.

“Happy Friday, beautiful princess… Blessings, kisses,” a second person gushed.

“Damnm lauraammy, you look so awesome. Cute and Beautiful in this picture!” raved a third follower, adding a series of hearts at the end.