An Illinois School District Will Not Allow Students To Wear Pajamas While Learning Virtually

An Illinois school district is getting backlash due to their pajama ban.

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An Illinois school district is getting backlash due to their pajama ban.

The school district of Springfield, Illinois, is getting backlash over their recently announced pajama ban. The district will not allow children learning from home to wear pajamas. Students will have to follow the regular dress code, even though they will not be at school. Some parents are not on board with this rule, according to Today.

The restriction appears in the 2020-2021 school handbook and states what types of clothing are not allowed for children that will be studying remotely. Pajama pants, slippers, hoods, hats, bandannas, sweatbands and sunglasses are among some of the articles of clothing that are not permitted.

Springfield will start classes on August 31. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they will be taking certain measures to ensure social distancing. This will include a hybrid learning style in which students will spend only two days out of the week in class.

During the other three days, they will learn from their own residence. If parents are not comfortable sending their children back to school at all, they have the option to do full-time virtual learning.

School board member Judith Ann Johnson spoke out about the clothing restrictions, emphasizing that children will learn better if they are dressed nicely. She also acknowledged that students all have different living circumstances. She noted that the school board understands that learning at home will simply not be the same as classroom learning.

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“Our hope is that students approach remote learning as they would in a classroom setting, to the extent possible given each student’s individual circumstances. However, we understand the interpretation of the dress code in a remote learning environment will differ than in a normal school setting.”

She went on to express compassion for parents, children, and staff during these challenging times.

“It is understandable that during remote learning our dress code will be flexible. We do not intend to be punitive or to prescribe what students wear at home during remote learning, especially in this period of uncertainty and adjustment for students, families and staff.”

The district has received backlash from some families who feel that children should at least be able to be comfortable while virtual learning as they are not sitting in an actual classroom.

Whether or not schools should open, and various safety procedures for this year are topics of much controversy. President Donald Trump has insisted that schools should open on time and in-person. He has also stated that he would be comfortable sending his own son back to school, as The Inquisitr previously reported.