Liane V Dances Around In An Orange Bikini In Transformation Video

Liane V gave herself a makeover in a split second.

Liane Valenzuela attends Ted Baker London AW'19 launch event
Presley Ann / Getty Images

Liane V gave herself a makeover in a split second.

Liane V flaunted her killer curves in a video that showed her celebrating the start of the weekend with a joyful dance on the beach. The YouTube star, whose real name is Liane Valenzuela, shared the clip on Instagram, where it was a big hit with her 4.5 million followers.

In the caption of her post, Liane set the scene for her performance. She explained that she was acting out what it feels like to wake up and think that you’re late for work, only to realize that it’s the weekend. She was shown sprawled out on her bed as if she were fast asleep. Her phone was in her hand, and she suddenly hopped up after glancing at it. She was clad in a fluffy white robe, and her blond hair was straight.

Liane looked a bit disheveled and stressed as she sat down in a chair directly in front of the camera. She hopped up in her seat and underwent a total transformation in the blink of an eye. After a quick cut, her tresses were styled in glamorous waves. Her robe was replaced by a bright orange string bikini. The skimpy swimsuit was constructed out of stretchy ribbed fabric that clung to her curvy figure.

As she brushed her hair out of her face, Liane quickly replaced her shocked expression with a flirty smile. She then toasted her viewers with a wine glass that contained a small amount of what appeared to be water. She held it up, obscuring the camera, and when she pulled it back, her location changed. Her bedroom was replaced with a beach, and the model raised her glass up in the air while she did a joyful dance in the sand.

As she was swaying her hips from side-to-side, the video cut to a shot from high up above the beach. Liane could be still be seen twirling around in the sand near a massive boulder. She skipped closer to the waves that were rolling in, and she concluded her performance with one more spin.

Liane’s playful post has racked up over 32,000 likes since she initially shared it, and her followers also gave it rave reviews in the comments section.

“This was so cute! Love your hair and eyes,” wrote one fan.

“Now that was a smooth transition,” another user chimed in.

“This woman is incredible!!!” a third remark read.

“Omg I love this and your vibes. Always so positive no matter what you’re going through,” said a fourth admirer.

Liane also rocked a bikini for another fun video that was shown in reverse. She appeared to leap out of a pool and get in bed.