Instagram Model Caroline O’Mahony Shows Off Her Curvy Booty For Latest Workout Videos

Caroline O'Mahony posts a selfie on Instagram
Caroline O'Mahony / Instagram

Fitness model Caroline O’Mahony put her insanely fit figure on display in a series of workout clips for her latest Instagram upload. In the videos, she wore a skintight ensemble that accentuated her curvy backside while doing lower body exercises.

The 22-year-old has gained a large online following for doling out gym tips, and in these videos she attacked her glutes. O’Mahony was filmed from various angles as she used different weights and machines.

The Irish stunner had her long black hair up in a ponytail for every clip. She rocked a short-sleeved tight-fitting raspberry-colored top from Alphalete, which was cropped and hugged tightly around her chest. She sported matching tight leggings and a pair of all-white sneakers to complete the look.

For the first video, O’Mahony was recorded from behind as she did squats in front of a large mirror. There was a large barbell resting on her shoulders, and she slowly knelt down. She kept her head down to focus on her form, and fans were treated to an eyeful of her enviable booty with each repetition.

The popular YouTuber was filmed from the side for the second slide. O’Mahony held a kettlebell in each hand and had her left leg extended on a bench behind her body. She faced forward as she bent her knee. This angle showcased her toned legs.

For the final clip, the social media influencer performed leg presses using a machine. Once again she was recorded from the side, but this time viewers caught a glimpse of her ample assets as she extended her legs for the exercise.

In the caption, O’Mahony mentioned having a great week in the gym. She added a strong emoji along with “#legday” and “#legworkout” hashtags before uploading the footage to her page on Friday afternoon.

Many of the model’s 672,000 Instagram followers took notice of the clips, and more than 9,700 showed their appreciation by hitting the “like” button in just over four hours after they went online. O’Mahony’s replies were littered with heart emoji as fans complimented her physique, technique, and apparel.

“This set is incredible OMG,” one follower responded.

“Get it girl!! Love this workout,” an Instagram user commented.

“What a beautiful colour,” another wrote, adding a heart-eye emoji.

“You’re so strong Caroline! How many reps are you doing?” one fan asked.

As covered by The Inquisitr, earlier in the week O’Mahony flaunted her gains from these intense gym sessions. She posed at home in high-waisted underwear that showed off her sculpted legs and booty.