Kara Del Toro Shows Fans How To 'Pose Like A Swimsuit Model' In A Dreamy Pink Bikini

Kara Del Toro demonstrated how to pose for the perfect swimsuit photos in her latest TikTok video. The clip also included plenty of proof that her trio of tricks really works.

The popular model can often be seen rocking skimpy swimwear on her Instagram page, but she's also quite active on TikTok. In the video that she uploaded to her account on Thursday, she was rocking a pink string bikini that featured a classic silhouette and a whimsical cloud pattern.

Her top had stretchy triangle cups that clung to her curvy chest and put her ample cleavage on full display. However, her first modeling tip was all about the bottom half of her bathing suit.

Kara advised her viewers that one way to pose like a swimsuit model is to "adjust the bottoms." She demonstrated how to do this by tugging on the string ties. She also shared a few additional examples from her Instagram page, including a snapshot that showed her kneeling down on her knees as she reached down and pulled one side of her bottoms up.

Her second tip was to place both "hands in hair." As she reached up and buried her hands in her thick blond tresses, she also popped one hip out to the side. The move stretched out her flat stomach to accentuate her defined abdominal muscles. One of her Instagram screenshots showed her fans how to nail the pose with soaking-wet hair while standing in the ocean.

Kara's final trick was to "walk in place." As she gazed seductively at the camera with her full lips slightly parted, she took one sassy step forward. She slightly swayed her hips and moved her arms, and the motion made her chest bounce a bit. The photographic examples she shared included shots of her strolling on the beach and wading in the water.


Kara's tutorial was a big hit with her followers, who have rewarded her efforts with over 9,000 likes thus far.

"You nailed it," wrote one admirer in the comments section.

"You're such a natural, although I'm sure you work very hard at your craft," another message read.

"Perfect, i am prepared for my new found career," a third satisfied fan remarked.

Kara doesn't just model bikinis, she's also a pro at making lingerie look good. For one of her recent photo shoots, she rocked a matching bra-and-panties set. The sexy undergarments were a pretty rose-petal pink color, and they were decorated with a playful polka-dot print.