Lele Pons Sizzles In Revealing Mint Green Bathing Suit And Dramatic Eye Makeup

Lele Pons wowed her 41.4 million Instagram followers with her most recent post on Friday afternoon in which the Venezuelan-born multi-talented celebrity and model flaunted her sexy figure in a mint green bathing suit. Her stunning eyes were enhanced with dramatic, brightly-colored makeup.

The sultry series of images received almost 255,000 likes in the first hour after they were uploaded.

Lele wore a simple, yet stylish one-piece suit with a wide-open neckline and underwire cups that barely contained the alluring curves of her incredible bust. Faint tan lines from a differently designed top were visible across the tops of her breasts as she leaned forward in the first image.

In the second snap of the series, Lele let both wide straps fall down over her slender shoulder and rest across her upper arm, fully displaying her bare decolletage.

The suit was cut high over both voluptuous hips with a Brazilian thong backside that helped her show off the roundness of her spectacular booty. The bright green shade beautifully accentuated her golden, tanned complexion and long blond tresses.

Lele emphasized her gorgeous hazel eyes with vivid tendrils of multicolored paint that created a theatrical mood. Seemingly hand-drawn asymmetrical streaks of fluorescent hues lined her upper and lower lids and then extended past her perfectly groomed brows onto her forehead.

Lele’s long, dark lashes were also visible as they framed her almond eyes. The black hair tie around her right wrist suggested that her gorgeous mane of loose, honey-colored tresses had been pulled up at some point prior to the informal photo shoot.

Her hair was casually styled and parted off-center. It cascaded halfway down her back in messy, summery waves.


The first three images of the post displayed Lele in a lush, green courtyard surrounded with tropical palm trees.

She posed, both sitting on a white patio chair in front of a beach umbrella, or standing in front of an elegant set of cement steps flanked on either side by large decorative planters.

A number of arched doorways with replicas of Greek architectural columns were visible in the background behind her.

The fourth image gave the viewer a full view of the gorgeous environment in which the model was posing. It was a sunset view of a perfectly still swimming pool overlooking a tranquil ocean, with the brilliant oranges and reds catching fire in the sky and reflecting the warm light across both surfaces of the water.