Bruna Rangel Lima Shows Off Amazing Booty And Bronzed Skin In Red Rose Lingerie

Shawna Cory

Bruna Rangel Lima thrilled her 4 million Instagram fans with a fresh, sexy vibe in her most recent post on Friday afternoon. The prolific social media celebrity and fitness model shared a pair of snaps that showed off both sides of her incredible physique and racked up almost 23,000 likes in less than an hour after they had been uploaded.

Bruna wore a crisp white bra-and-panty set patterned with tiny, long-stemmed red roses, which popped against her smooth, tanned complexion. The bra featured underwire demi-cups, letting her display the tops of her perfectly curved breasts and accentuating her impressive cleavage.

The matching bottoms dipped low in the center, allowing her to reveal more of her taut belly and enviable abdominal muscles, but rested high across the thinnest part of her waist in the back. The thong design left almost all of her booty bare and on display.

Bruna posed standing at the bottom of a stone staircase in front of a series of massive windows that looked out to a lush, tropical garden or patio. She stood on both tiptoes to display the muscular definition in her quads and calf muscles, as well as the perkiness of her amazing derriere.

In the first image, she relaxed her left arm at her side, resting the inside of her forearm against the top of one of her shapely hips. With her right hand, she held gently onto the steel support frame between two of the windows to maintain balance.

Her long platinum tresses were parted in the center and styled straight. Bruna swept all of her hair to one side and let it spill over her right shoulder, grazing the side of her breast and the inside of her arm.

She gazed downward with wide eyes and a sultry expression, slightly parting her rosy lips.

Bruna raised her left arm and ran her fingers through the top of her long hair, framing her profile as she turned her gorgeous face. She closed her eyes, displaying long, dark lashes.

Natural diffused light kissed her high cheekbones and strong jawline.

The stunning model accessorized with multiple thin, gold-colored bands on several fingers and a delicate pair of circular drop earrings.