Anllela Sagra Flaunts Toned Abs And Killer Cleavage In Lacy Black Lingerie

Anllela Sagra thrilled her 11.7 million Instagram followers on Friday morning with her most recent post. The stunning Columbian fitness model shared a sultry image in which she posed in a lacy black lingerie set that showed off her incredible physique. Almost 30,000 devoted fans hit the “like” button in less than 20 minutes after the photo was uploaded.

Anllela’s bra-and-panty ensemble was beautifully constructed with delicate detailing and an incredible fit. The bra featured soft triangular cups made of opaque black lace with semi-transparent scalloped detailing along the edges.

They squeezed together her perfectly rounded breasts and accentuated her voluptuous cleavage. The two pieces of fabric were held together in the center with thin strips of lace that crossed over one another just below her curvaceous bust.

The matching bottoms echoed the triangular shape in design. The top featured straps that rested high over her shapely hips and dipped down in the center, well below her navel, displaying her enviably toned abs. The vertical lines defining her muscular six-pack were clearly visible.

An opaque diamond of fabric rose up from between her thighs to a tiny bow attached to the waistband, but the rest of the piece was a lightly patterned sheer lace with scalloped edging.

Anllela sat in an overstuffed tobacco-colored chair with one of her long, lean legs crossed in front of her slender frame. The other leg draped over the cushion and her pointed toes grazed the plush, furry white throw rug on the ground below.

She relaxed her left arm to her side and rested it on the armrest of the chair, which was casually draped with a fuzzy charcoal throw blanket. She held a round metal magnifying glass with a black handle in her right hand.

The unusual prop seemed fitting given the rest of the environment. Anllela’s background appeared rustic and woody, and seemingly carefully designed to resemble the interior of a log cabin or perhaps a traditional gentleman’s study.

A wood-lined barrel table holding a pair of old books and a set of copper candlesticks sat on Anllela’s left. Two more candlesticks were visible in the corner of the photo frame, one atop another large stack of leather and canvas bound volumes. All four held tapered red candles that looked like they were lit.

A faux gold frame on the wall displayed a number of curiosities, including a pair of animal horns, a beautifully woven dreamcatcher, and a sepia wedding photo framed in a tambourine.