WWE News: Reports About Current Superstar Being A Real-Life Killer Are False, According To Former Announcer

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As documented by WrestlingNews.co, the recent report which claimed that WWE superstar Karrion Kross was a real-life mercenary-for-hire was completely false.

The original claim was made by former WWE announcer Hugo Savinovich. However, the commentator has since taken to social media and explained that he was trying to get Kross over as a character. Savinovich assured fans that Kross hasn’t legitimately killed anyone.

The announcer also revealed that he suggested that Kross should be a hitman character, before going on to say that promotions are currently doing a bad job in the creative department.

“We have to be very careful because this could be called ‘lost translation’. And it has to do with mostly people that don’t really do a good job translating what I said in Spanish and also don’t know wrestling. They don’t know the wrestling language. Storytelling. This is it.”

Savinovich went on to say that he has a great relationship with Kross and his partner, Scarlett Bordeaux. He recalled how they worked in Mexico’s AAA promotion together and stated that he used an outlet called Lucha Libre Online to enhance wrestling characters in the promotion. He said he merely wanted to present Kross as a “brutal force” with a dark and interesting history.

Karrion Kross locks his opponent in a submission hold

Savinovich also stated that his comments might not have been taken out of context if people bothered to do their research. According to the commentator, people get paid a lot of money to keep track of his opinions, but some of them don’t know anything about the business.

The commentator added that he thought WWE was doing a great job with Kross on NXT at the moment, and that he hoped that the character isn’t ruined. He reiterated his belief that they should depict him as a “killing machine” as his physique and talent make him convincing in that type of role.

Savinovich clarified that he’s talked to Kross about the incident and they’re on good terms with each other. Kross understands that the backstory was his way of telling a story about his persona.

These types of edgy gimmicks aren’t commonplace in mainstream sports entertainment at the moment, however, which is why the comments were misinterpreted.

The timing of the story also came after a former superstar claiming that he made a man disappear. He is currently being investigated by the police over the revelation. His story also suggested that it was the first of multiple incidents of a similar variety.