Anllela Sagra Gets Flirty In A Ruffled Neon Bikini While On A Yacht

Model Anllela Sagra poses for a mirrored selfie.
Anllela Sagra / Instagram

Colombian fitness model and influencer Anllela Sagra brought the heat to the beach with her most recent Instagram update, sporting a barely-there, yellow bikini featuring a ruffled top that pleasantly draped over her perky bosom. The post, which was uploaded on the morning of Friday, August 7, showed Sagra striking a series of provocative poses while standing aboard a yacht in a short video clip.

Fans of the 26-year-old’s shapely dimensions were given a treat as she was depicted from various angles in different cuts. As a result, clear views of her famously toned abs, incredible cleavage and cheeky assets were shown along with her picturesque face.

A litany of replies in the post’s comment thread indicated that Sagra’s followers — which currently number almost 12 million on IG — were more than appreciative of the sizzling show of skin from the model.

“You are verry verry verry beautiful!!” exclaimed one user.

“Cathedrals should be erected in her honor,” opined another fan, who also added a heart emoji.

“Stunning in so many ways,” said a third commenter.

“U look great,” wrote another admirer, who also added, “don’t blame you for showing off that bod.”

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Sagra’s video began with her leaning back against a seat on the yacht, but supporting her weight with her arms and hovering above it rather than sitting. As she did so, she moved her long legs around to various positions while shifting her head and twisting her trunk slightly. All the while, she smoldered into the camera and her long, raven-colored hair bobbed and weaved with the wind.

The cut that followed found Sagra standing straight ahead of the camera and in closer proximity to it. The angle and zoom allowed for a prominent display of her exposed navel and the developed musculature of her abs.

Finally, fans were treated to a rear-to-side-view shot of Sagra as she reached upward with both hands and played with her wavy, dark strands of hair. She glanced back at the camera with a sultry expression on her face. The ends of her hair nearly reached her booty, which was left bare save for the ultra-thin strings of her bikini bottom, which were tied together at her sides above the hips.

Sagra’s video update quickly trended toward viral status, amassing nearly 150,000 views in less than two hours after having appeared on her feed. Furthermore, 400-plus comments like the ones mentioned above were left by her admirers in that same timeframe.

As shared previously by The Inquisitr, Sagra also flashed her washboard abs in an IG post in which she wore lowered sweatpants and a skimpy top.