Michie Peachie Flaunts Sculpted Curves In Skintight Zebra-Print Outfit For Full-Body Workout

Fitness model Michie Peachie took to popular social media site Instagram on Thursday, August 6, to post a new workout video in which she flaunted her sculpted curves while training her entire body.

The model wore a zebra-print sports bra and leggings combo that consisted of a white base and light-purple stripes. The bra hugged Michie’s busty chest and left plenty of skin exposed, drawing the eye to her chiseled arms, shoulders, and back. A gap between the top and bottoms teased Michie’s toned abdomen. The leggings included a wide waistband that rose high on her hips and white cuffs at the ankles. The stretchy material contoured to Michie’s enviable curves.

Michie chose a pair of light-purple sneakers that matched her outfit and wore her long, brunette tresses styled in a high bun to keep her hair out of her face during training.

The workout took place in an outdoor setting that appeared to be the front walkway of the fitness trainer’s house. She worked out directly on the cement and used a yellow elastic band for added resistance. The post included nine individual video clips, each featuring one exercise in the routine. All of the exercises were carried out on the ground.


Michie began with a move that involved stretching her legs out in front of her in a V-shape with the band wrapped around her thighs. She then pushed up her hips while supporting her weight with her arms. The second move was a variation on the first. Michie bent one knee and thrust her hips while sweeping the other leg in and out.

In the third video, the model positioned her body in a tabletop position and lifted one bent knee at a time toward the sky. She extended her body in the next clip to once again lift each leg one at a time. The fifth exercise involved bringing her knees in toward her chest, which was followed by another tabletop move. The following two clips showed another version of the hip thrust and the heel tap. Michie finished her routine with a foot-to-hand tap while balancing on one arm and one leg.

In the caption of the post, Michie told her followers that the circuit works the booty, back, abs, legs, shoulders, and arms. She challenged them to complete three sets of reps. The workout earned several thousand likes and dozens of comments within the first day of appearing on Instagram.