Kim French Sports Tropical Booty Shorts That Flatter Her Killer Figure For New Workout Videos

Kim French takes a selfie in a black outfit.
Kim French / Instagram

Fitness model Kim French took to popular social media platform Instagram on Thursday, August 6, to post a new workout video series in which she trained her core muscles.

The model wore a colorful outfit that consisted of a sports bra and booty shorts. The top was bright blue and featured double spaghetti straps across both shoulders and a thick elastic band around the rib cage. The pattern of the shorts followed a tropical theme — the base was a hot pink and decorated with palm fronds and pineapples. A gap between the top and bottoms teased Kim’s toned tummy.

Kim completed the outfit with a pair of funky, tie-dye socks that extended up her calves. She wore her long, brunette tresses loose and flowing from a side part, and flaunted a set of pink and blue nails throughout the videos.

The routine took place in an indoor space that featured stone flooring. Kim placed a small exercise mat over the tiles to protect her body. She incorporated a variety of bands in different shapes, colors, and patterns for extra resistance. She completed a total of six moves spread across individual video clips in the post.

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All I can say is… OUCH! If you are looking for a core killa, then look no further! Give this a save and feel the buuuurn ???? . Could I have any more colour going on in this workout?! ???????? I think my mood matches my new bands releasing in LESS THAN 24 HOURS now… bright and summery (and very excited)???????????????? Long bands are also restocking, set the reminders from my story‼️ Giveaway winners from yesterday’s post will be announced in a few hours 🙂 . TAG your friends and TAP the ❤️ to support me:- 1️⃣ Banded V Up Kicks – 12 reps 2️⃣ Banded Wood Chop – 10 reps each side 3️⃣ Banded Bicycle – 20 reps 4️⃣ Banded V Raises – 10 reps 5️⃣ Plank Arm Raise with Slider – 12 reps 6️⃣ V Up Plate Hold – 30 seconds Now try that for 4 rounds and tell me you ain’t ☠️ because I was!!!

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Kim began the workout with banded V-up kicks. Positioning her body in a V-sit up with the band around her thighs, Kim kicked her legs up toward the ceiling in repetitive movements. The second video clip showed the banded wood chop, which required her to kneel and stretch a long elastic across her body. The third move was the banded bicycle. Leaning back on her forearms, Kim kicked her legs in a bicycle motion.

Following the bicycles, the trainer moved into V-raises. She tied a band to a kettlebell and looped it around her ankles, then raised her legs upward. The plank arm raise with slider came next. Kim positioned herself in a plank and slid one leg out to the side at the same time she raised the opposite arm in front of her. She completed the circuit with the V-up plate hold, which involved the use of a plate weight.

In the caption of the post, Kim encouraged her followers to complete four rounds of the routine and added the number of reps they should do next to each exercise. She commented that the core workout provided a killer burn.

The update earned nearly 15,000 likes and over 450 comments from social media users within the first day.