Kayla Nicole Jones Flaunts Killer Booty In Sexy Sunset Snap

Kayla Nicole Jones poses for a selfie
Kayla Nicole Jones / Instagram

Social media celebrity Kayla Nicole Jones wowed her 395,000 Instagram followers with her most recent post late Thursday night. The racy photo of her posed seductively against the railing of a boat racked up 30,000 likes in the first few hours after it was uploaded.

Kayla looked stunning wearing a deep orange-red bikini that showed off her curvaceous figure and left little to the imagination.

The top had rounded underwire cups and appeared to have thin straps that rested over both shoulders. The bottom of the suit had a Brazilian thong cut that revealed almost all of her perfectly rounded bare behind. The straps on either side rested above her shapely hips against the smallest part of her narrow waist.

Kayla posed facing the camera with her right side. She leaned back, with the lower part of her cheeks perched on the top wooden railing of what appeared to be the covered deck of a boat.

She stood between the photographer and a vibrant sun that hung low in the cloudless blue sky as it began to set.

The angle of the backlight behind her put most of her incredible physique in pale shadow and gorgeously highlighted her silhouette, particularly the long, smooth lines of her arched back and toned thigh.

Her right knee was slightly bent and she balanced with most of her weight on her engaged left leg, which offset her hips and emphasized her impressive hourglass shape.

Kayla lifted her arm into the air, elbow bent, and ran a few fingers through her long, tousled tresses. Her hair cascaded down her back in messy waves that grazed the top of her derriere.

The background featured a number of small white boats that were anchored offshore in the bay, as well as a row of huge, lush palm trees just past the shimmering water.

The sky was almost completely clear, with the exception of a little patch a fluffy white clouds behind the vegetation on the left side of the picture frame.

Golden sunlight reflected a wide path across the water toward the watercraft on which Kayla was posed, serendipitously framing her rear end with the ethereal light.

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Many of Kayla’s devoted Instagram followers were eager to fill the comments section with expressions of their adoration.

Most fans chose to leave various combinations of affectionate emoji, but some also elected to put their feelings into words.

“You’re so flawless,” declared one fan.

“Beautiful!” exclaimed a second person.