‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Friday: Lulu Questions Maxie About A Possible Secret

Kirsten Storms on set.
Michael Yada / ABC Press

Maxie may have a secret that she doesn’t want to get around just yet. General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s show reveals that she and Lulu run into each other at GH and something will spark Lulu’s interest.

On Thursday’s episode, Peter’s love interest asked to see her ob/gyn right away. She suspects that she is pregnant with his baby and that has her a little frantic. She is in love with Anna Devane’s son, however, Robert Scorpio is out to get him. That surely puts his loved one right smack in the middle of it all. She knows that now would not be a good time for them to have a baby. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicate that she will second guess herself about something, but there is no confirmation on what that will be about.

While she is at GH seeking out her doctor, she will be confronted by Lulu, who likely overhears her saying that she doesn’t want something to leak out. She could be talking to her doctor at this point, but Dante’s ex knows her best friend so well and will suspect that she is keeping something from her. Maxie may just be forced to tell her what is going on.

  Nick Agro / ABC Press

Right before the soap went to reruns in May due to filming being halted because of the COVID-19 outbreak, viewers were shocked when they realized that Maxie was the one who is likely pregnant. There had been spoilers that someone in Port Charles would end up expecting, but it seemed like she would be the least likely woman on General Hospital to end up with child again. Now it appears that she is, unless there is a twist involved.

Also, Anna will once again defend her son. The previews for Friday’s show revealed that she and Robert will sit down to have a chat. The two exes do not agree when it comes to Peter, as he is a source of irritation for the D.A. The drama between them lately seems to always be over him.

Actress Kirsten Storms was thrilled to head back to work last week. She loves playing the role of her longtime character on General Hospital, and she took to Instagram to share that she was so happy to be walking into the studio that she cried real tears. She indicated how much she missed her family at GH and that she was ready to work.