Fitness Model Yarishna Ayala Shows Off Enviable Booty As She Sits On Her Boyfriend’s Shoulders

Fitness model Yarishna Ayala entertained her 2.2 million Instagram followers with her latest update. Sitting on the shoulders of her boyfriend, Luis Ojeda, the pair flaunted their muscular physiques as they checked out the view in front of them.

With her back to the camera, Yarishna wore a yellow and black thong bikini which revealed her perfectly sculpted booty. Her dark locks were straightened and she pulled them over one shoulder in order to show off the muscles in her arms and back as she posed.

She was seated on Luis’ shoulders, her legs tucked in at his waist in order to stay balanced. Luis also had his impressive physique on display. He wore a pair of white and yellow patterned shorts as he posed in a similar fashion to his girlfriend.

The pair was in front of a low concrete barrier as they looked out over the ocean. In the distance, the shore could be seen, surrounded by trees and shrubs, as well as some white structures. A few fluffy clouds hung in the sky but, otherwise, it appeared to be the perfect day for a dip in the ocean.

While the caption was in Spanish, according to Google Translate, Yarishna noted that together they are an ocean before declaring her love for her partner. In addition, she used the hashtags #fitnesscouples and #couplegoals as well as tagging Luis in the impressive snap.

As soon as Yarishna posted the image, her followers were quick to respond. Within one hour, the photo had already garnered 14,500 likes and hundreds of comments from the couple’s avid supporters.

“Both fantastic couples,” one follower wrote in the comments section.

“Couple Goals,” a fan said.

“Fantastic photo magnificent outfit outstanding smile your body is adorable sexy tight curves. FLAWLESS muscles,” said another user.

“Power couple right here,” a fourth person wrote, adding a variety of emoji at the end of their comment for further emphasis.

In fact, many of her followers opted to simply use only emoji rather than words in order to convey how they felt about Yarishna’s latest update. The most popular appeared to be the heart, heart-eyed, fire, and muscly arm emoji.

Along with photos, Yarishna often posts workout clips on her official social media account. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she recently shared a video in which she concentrated on working the muscles in her chiseled legs. However, some fans were distracted by her pert derriere that was also on display in the update.